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Buy Ticket

Welcome, weary traveler! You have reached your destination! You are a mere moment away from the opportunity to get a pass allowing you to enter the fantasy land called Pyrkon. Before you receive it, however, you will be faced with a choice. To buy a Special Package or a Standard Package?

Special Package

Let’s start with a Special Package. It contains real treasures! Firstly, a unique t-shirt. Not a regular one, for sure! A real Nexus 6 when it comes to clothing. More t-shirt-y than all the t-shirts. More sturdy than others, frost, rain or working in space colonies is nothing to it. Therefore you can be sure it will be perfect for the extreme Pyrkon conditions. On the front, there is an exceptional cyberpunk-themed graphics, referencing the main motif of the upcoming Pyrkon. Everything in HD, impossible to tear. The premium t-shirt’s grammage of 210 g is also something that stands out, thanks to which it is particularly comfy to wear. It is similar to androids in that it has reinforced seams and antibacterial silver. Ultrasounds were also used when creating it, thanks you which the tag will not be scratchy! If Roy Batty and T-800 ever decided to set up a clothing company, they would definitely be making those types of clothes.

The Special Package is the only opportunity to get it, as it will not be sold separately. After Pyrkon, all those t-shirts will disappear like tears in the rain.

Women’s Size

Men’s Size

What else will you find in the Special Package? The possibility to register for 4 program events! It’s twice as much as it is in the case of a regular ticket. And if you receive a phone call and hear “seven days”  – do not worry! It’s only your Special Package calling to tell you that for you registration will start a week earlier! Thanks to that you will have the chance to beat others in the case of the most popular attractions and additional 7 days to think about what to go for. In recent years, we have practically said goodbye to Queue-con at Pyrkon and entry to the PIF took significantly less time. Don’t like waiting anyway? How about there will be something for you then?  A separate entrance for the holder of the Premium Package. Truth be told, we would not be able to have holograms of the most famous fantasy creators standing in line, playing trumpets to welcome you, but we made it possible to forget the queues and enter the Pyrkon grounds quicker. Coming to Pyrkon from the lands far, far away? You can always use our Resting Space! The Special Package comes with the possibility to access it given to every holder. Or maybe you think that rest is for the weak? Then, you can use the can of Red Bull you will find in the package. The icing on the cake is the unique Pyrkon-themed gadget. And all this for only PLN 249.

Standard Ticket

Another exceptional occasion is the Standard Ticket. Thanks to it, you will have the possibility to spend three full days of Pyrkon for as little as PLN 119! In such case, the cost of one hour of the convention is only PLN 2.13. Such a ticket allows you to register to two selected program events. Additionally, you will receive a can of Red Bull and an official Pyrkon-themed gadget. Watch out – the price of the Standard Ticket will increase starting from 06.04.2021 to PLN 139. Here is all the information you need that will help you to make up your mind. Choose one of the tickets and rush to meet Pyrkon! Remember that you can only buy the passes here.