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Strona główna » Fantasium Creatium

Fantasium Creatium

Exhibitions at Pyrkon

You are about to step through the threshold of Fantasium Creatium! A Fantastic Gallery, where magic and art are combined into unique and mysterious creations. Here, you will have the chance to uncover secrets of passionate artists – both those inspired by well-known universes and those creating their own mystical works.

In Fantasium Creatium artists from all over the country showcase their incredible projects.  If you love to create, you are passionate about what you do and your head is full of ideas, this is the perfect place to share what keeps you going with the world. Show your phenomenal works of art to others!

In Fantasium Creatium you can immerse yourselves in fantasy! If you want to meet people with an amazing outlook on the reality surrounding us, see models of spaceships made of paper, breathtaking costumes, horrifying figures straight from your worst nightmares, stunning paintings and many more – just as fantastic – projects – you simply must visit our Fantastic Gallery.

Experience fantasy first-hand!

Fantasium Creatium, Pyrkon, Fantastyczne Miejsce Spotkań

Fantasium Creatium is special for one more reason.  Although some of the presented works are too fragile to touch and can only be admired from afar, you can always talk to the creators or even take pictures.

At some of the stands, you will have the chance to make your own figurine, learn to crochet or stitch.  And if you’ve always wanted to hold a weapon straight from the Galactic Empire or have a photo taken with princess Leia (even if it’s only a figurine), you’ve come to the right place.

Fantasium Creatium, Pyrkon, Fantastyczne Miejsce Spotkań

Find exactly what floats your boat!

Our Fantastic Gallery is divided by theme, so if you’re interested in a particular topic, you don’t have to walk through the entire hall, looking for works that are your cup of tea.  You will find all the exhibitions covering one topic right next to one another!

At Pyrkon 2021 you will have the chance to visit a science fiction zone as well as a fantasy zone, post-apocalypse zone, a handicraft zone, a scientific zone or exhibitions by beginner artists.

Apply with your own exhibition!

Feel like this offer is for you? Want to exhibit your works in the Fantasium Creatium? Send an email with your application to anna.sikorska(at)!

We are waiting for your application until March 21, 2021.

Beginner artists’ exhibitions

Fantasium Creatium, Pyrkon, Fantastyczne Miejsce Spotkań

At Pyrkon we appreciate creative ideas and we want to provide a chance for all the artists to show their art.  That is why we decided to create a zone, where young artists could show off their work.

If you create fascinating works, but you haven’t had the chance to exhibit them at conventions or festivals, this is the perfect opportunity for a wider audience to view it.

Descriptions of available exhibitions

Here you will find short descriptions of each of the exhibitions in the Fantasium Creatium and learn in which zone to find the exhibitions you want to see! Check back here regularly as the list of the phenomenal artist grows!