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Strona główna » Fantasium Ludicrum

Fantasium Ludicrum

Pyrkon, Fantastyczne Miejsce Spotkań, Poznań, Percival, Wiedźmin, The Witcher

Fantasy is like a storm breaking and hitting all the fields of art imaginable with creativity and a touch of madness. It has taken over literature and comics a long time ago, inspired painting and sculpting and hit photography and games like a lightning. It surfaced everywhere, even in places you would not expect to see it.

At Pyrkon, we are trying to arrange extraordinary meetings especially for you. You get the chance to talk to writers, cartoonists and cosplayers, listen to lectures and see their works of art. As we have a plethora of meetings with literary guests and amazing game creators in stock for you, you should not forget that fantasy also found its way into the performing arts, and through those, into the cinema, the theater and music. This year, we prepared even more extraordinary attractions on stage for you. They are there, waiting for you to discover the many ways in which fantasy can come into play.

Come immerse yourselves in the events happening at the Fantasium Ludicrum.

More information will be available soon!