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Strona główna » Pyrkon 2022 program

Pyrkon 2022 program

Program Pyrkonu 2022

Sala ⇅Dzień ⇅Godzina ⇅Tytuł ⇅Prowadzący ⇅Opis ⇅
ArenaDzień 2 – Sobota16:00K-POP Random Play DanceSerhii Sukharevskyi, Andrii SukharevskyiA popular K-pop dancing game. You dance to different choruses of randomly picked songs with 5 seconds of downtime in between.
AutografyDzień 2 – Sobota18:00[autografy] Graham MastertonGraham Masterton
AutografyDzień 2 – Sobota20:00[autografy] Wønder
AutografyDzień 1 – Piątek17:30[autografy] Helena DahlgrenHelena Dahlgren
AutografyDzień 1 – Piątek18:30[autografy] Rebecca KuangRebecca Kuang
AutografyDzień 2 – Sobota12:30[autografy] Jason Durall, Kenneth Hite & Mike Mason
AutografyDzień 2 – Sobota14:30[autografy] Samantha ShannonSamantha Shannon
AutografyDzień 3 – Niedziela13:30[autografy] Mike Pondsmith & Liz Danforth
AutografyDzień 2 – Sobota14:30[autografy] Victoria Holmes i Johanna TarkelaVictoria Holmes, Johanna Tarkela
AutografyDzień 2 – Sobota16:30[autografy] Edward James Olmos
AutografyDzień 3 – Niedziela13:00[autografy] Edward James Olmos
AutografyDzień 3 – Niedziela15:00[autografy] Edward James Olmos
Duża AulaDzień 1 – Piątek19:30Meeting with Helena DahlgrenHelena Dahlgren, Justyna Dżbik-Kluge, Magdalena Kilian-AntoineMeeting with Helena Dahlgren – the author of the book series set in the Star Stable universe.
Duża AulaDzień 1 – Piątek20:30Star Stable trivia challengeMartyna Dziadek, Helena DahlgrenStar Stable trivia challenge for true fans of this universe. Test your knowledge about the charming Jorvik island, its mysteries, and the adventures of the book’s main character. It’s also an excellent opportunity for some get together with new friends! Prizes for the best contestants await!
Mała AulaDzień 2 – Sobota10:00Creativity Techniques – Simple Guidelines To Create Basically AnythingParticipants are taught to find and develop Ideas and overcome creative blocks utilizing a number of creativity techniques and exercises. Over the years, Ben Komets and Matt Cexwish have won numerous prestigious awards in competitions all over the world. Their projects are recognized as some of the most creative and innovative works in the Miniature industry. Their way of finding and developing ideas follows a set of techniques that can be easily understood and adapted by creative artists working in many fields. Content: Brainstorming, Sabotage, Bisoziation / Clash Technique, Sabotage, Motivation, Ben&Matt´s Checklist, Progressive Abstraction. Please bring a sketchbook and accessories (one pencil is enough).
Mała AulaDzień 2 – Sobota19:00Meeting with Graham MastertonGraham MastertonMeeting with Graham Masterton
Mała AulaDzień 3 – Niedziela12:00[panel] Creating video game soundtrack – meet the artists!Percival Schuttenbach, Kroniki Myrtany TeamJoin the composers and performers of numerous video game soundtracks – members of the band Percival known for their songs used in Witcher 3 and Kamil Jędrzejewski from the Gothic 2 mod Chronicles of Myrtana: Archolos. We will discuss all aspects of their work – adapting existing songs and tracks to match the tone of a specific video game, how a mood or theme is designed, and their own feelings about (unexpected?) popularity of specific pieces.
Sala Fabularna (Duża)Dzień 1 – Piątek15:00[panel] Where We Came From: Gaming in the 1970sDive into the history of TTRPG with Mike and Liz, hear their eye-witness accounts on playing at the birth of the hobby. How the games were played at the time? How did playing change over years? What do they think about OSR? Come and see for yourself what people who lived through that era have to say.
Sala Fabularna (Duża)Dzień 1 – Piątek16:00My Life in Games – or, how a hobby became my professionMike Mason talks about his life in the games industry, how he got started and his adventures on the way to becoming a full-time games designer, writer, and editor. Mike will be answering questions and giving what advice he can for those who wish to follow a similar career path.
Sala Fabularna (Duża)Dzień 1 – Piątek17:00Chaosium’s Worlds of WonderSince 1975, Chaosium has published trailblazing and imaginative games that have transformed the field of gaming. From Dragon Pass, which blended setting and rules and introduced the world of Glorantha; Arkham Horror, the first Lovecraft-themed boardgame; to Call of Cthulhu, which brought horror roleplaying to the table, Chaosium’s games are the games that game designers often refer to. Join RuneQuest and Basic Roleplaying line editor Jason Durall as he discusses Chaosium past and present, and where we’re going next!
Sala Fabularna (Duża)Dzień 1 – Piątek18:00An hour with Liz DanforthCome and meet Liz Danforth, a veteran in TTRPG landscape with such wide range of experience and expertise that makes impossible to boil down into single hour-long talk. Possible topics might include: her life and career (she did A LOT); art topics such as working on an assignment, art references, techniques for paintings or composition of B&W art; background “behind the scenes” of some artworks, the “pictures have stories” theme of what you don’t see when you look at them; anything else you, her audience, might steer into.
Sala Fabularna (Duża)Dzień 1 – Piątek20:00Talking with the Unspeakable: Meet Kenneth HiteFrom NEPHILIM to VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE, from GURPS INFINITE WORLDS to THE DAY AFTER RAGNAROK, from the TRAIL OF CTHULHU to STAR TREK, Kenneth Hite has made a lot of games over the last 25 years. He’ll probably talk about them all, unless you get in a bunch of questions first. Topics might include: the life of a tabletop game designer, Ken’s upcoming projects, what goes on at his own game table, and why you don’t need a 16,000-book library to be a game designer (but it sure helps).
Sala Fabularna (Duża)Dzień 1 – Piątek21:00The World of CyberpunkTable top role-playing requires deeper knowledge of your game setting than video games, books, or movies. But how to do that? Where to start? Why do you need it? Mike Pondsmith talks about creating a cohesive game world that comes alive in many medias.
Sala Fabularna (Duża)Dzień 1 – Piątek22:00[panel] A Glimpse of Forbidden Aeons: Horror and CthulhuOur Lovecraftian game-design guests reveal the eldritch combination of horror, roleplaying games, and the Cthulhu Mythos. What makes Cthulhu and the Mythos work in a game? How do you differentiate Lovecraftian horror from other kinds of horror in games? What makes Cthulhu so “sticky” in the minds of gamers (and game marketers) everywhere? Can you play with Cthulhu without addressing the big themes of cosmic horror? Bring more questions to fling into our guests’ abyss!
Sala Fabularna (Duża)Dzień 2 – Sobota10:00[panel] Art in Games: Essential Information or Pretty Chrome?Art – the visual side of all the games. How much importance does it have? Is it just pretty addition to make reading text more enjoyable? Or is it vital part, without which it is no longer a game? Does your art inform the game or the game informs the art? Tackle these questions along with Liz Danforth and Marcin Kuczyński.
Sala Fabularna (Duża)Dzień 2 – Sobota11:00Facing Darkness – on working with CoC and WH40KMike Mason shares his stories on working on both of these mighty game lines, the joys and sorrows, the trials and tribulations. Mike co-authored Dark Heresy the 40K RPG while working as Black Industries manager at Games Workshop, and also co-authored Call of Cthulhu 7th edition for Chaosium, where he is the Creative Director for the game.
Sala Fabularna (Duża)Dzień 2 – Sobota12:00Roleplaying pioneersJoin Liz as she reminescences on the industry’s early years. See how the birth of RPGs looked through Liz’s eyes and listen about her hands-on experience at Flying Buffalo and other places where she went (GDW, SJG, FASA, ICE). Ever wondered how LARPs looked before anybody called them LARPs? Ask Liz about Amber Diceless RPG. Want to ask about some other game from that time? There’s a chance she has a story about it too, so don’t be afraid to ask!
Sala Fabularna (Duża)Dzień 2 – Sobota14:00[panel] Screen and Page: Writing for Tabletop and Computer GamesHave you ever wondered how writing for a tabletop game look like? How about computer game? What similarities they have and where do they differ? Come and listen to our panelists, as they discuss drawing from their experiences. Jason worked on number of games as freelancer during his work in the MMO industry, Kasia worked on Witcher 1 & 2 at CD Project Red. Mike worked with the same studio later on adapting his tabletop Cyberpunk for computer game (he also later published pen-and-paper Witcher game).
Sala Fabularna (Duża)Dzień 2 – Sobota15:00Killing vampires and making VampirePyrkon guest Kenneth Hite designed the spy thriller roleplaying game NIGHT’S BLACK AGENTS, in which you play spies who hunt and kill a vampire conspiracy. Then, he led the design team for the Fifth Edition of VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE, in which you play… the vampires. What side is he on? Hite talks about the design process of both games, and about the thrills of vampire gaming, and how vampires became our modern antiheroic mythology, and why he thinks Bram Stoker wrote the first-ever Actual Play Report, and anything else you want to know about vampires but were afraid to ask.
Sala Fabularna (Duża)Dzień 2 – Sobota17:00RuneQuest: Where (and Why) to Begin?Many have heard of RuneQuest – one of the most influential and long-lasting roleplaying games ever – but you may not have had the chance to play it. Join RuneQuest line editor Jason Durall as he discusses the history of this fascinating game, talks about what makes it special, and gives advice on how you might get started playing.
Sala Fabularna (Duża)Dzień 2 – Sobota18:00Role-playing and FuturismCreating near-future role-playing games requires the author to look into the near future to create a believable world. How do you build the world of the Future when the future is constantly changing? Join Mike Pondsmith, creator of Cyberpunk RPG, and get a glimpse into his process and philosophy when dealing with such matters.
Sala Fabularna (Duża)Dzień 2 – Sobota19:00The dice aren’t cast: Alternate history (and secret history) in gamesSomething Kenneth Hite always says about game design is: “Start with Earth!” But he doesn’t say which Earth … In this discussion, Hite talks about the difference between alternate history and secret history, and what kinds of games work best with each. How do you design an alternate history without getting bogged down (or worse, bogging the players down) in details? How do you keep your secret histories plausibly … secret? What does a good alternate history let you do, and how can you tell which one is a good one? Maybe we’ll just play “stump the game designer” and propose a bunch of alternates, or maybe we’ll build a secret history together. Or maybe we’re already doing both those things in alternate timelines!
Sala Fabularna (Duża)Dzień 2 – Sobota21:00Let’s Make a Mystery! – create a horror-mystery scenario with MikeMike Mason runs this off-the-cuff workshop on creating an adventure for Call of Cthulhu where the audience get involved by bringing their ideas to help shape the mystery and horror!
Sala Fabularna (Duża)Dzień 3 – Niedziela10:00Give the Players What They WantAre you having a difficult time crafting games that keep players involved? Are your games running out of steam? Join veteran game designer Jason Durall as he talks about ways to get players invested in the campaign from the beginning and ways to keep things interesting throughout.
Sala Fabularna (Duża)Dzień 3 – Niedziela11:00[panel] Making a Living: Freelancing and small-press publishing in the TTRPG hobbyWhat if your voice, or vision, do not align with any of the bigger players in the market? Can you make it on your own, as a creator, in TTRPG world? What traps and obstacles you may encounter on your way to forging your own path? Come, bring your own questions and see for yourself what our guests have to say!
Sala Fabularna (Duża)Dzień 3 – Niedziela12:00[panel] How to Get Ahead in Game Design (Without Really Trying)Our game-designer guests break down their decades of experience to help you build a game of your own – for your own table, or for publication. How do you match system with setting? Do you need to build a whole new system every time… or ever? How do you tweak or combine existing rules to make your idea work at the table? How do you build a setting that shows off your game’s core activity or mechanics? Bring your questions as well, and we’ll build our answers into the panel!
Sala Warsztatowa – MasterclassDzień 1 – Piątek19:00Fundamentals of using the Army Painter SpeedpaintsIn this hands-on Painting Class you will learn the fundamentals of using the Army Painter Speedpaints! Applying these highly pigmented, contrasting colors correctly will allow you to paint non-metallic metal and armor faster than ever before. An absolute must if you need to paint a big number of Miniatures using NMM or struggle with painting large surfaces like Armor in general! All Materials necessary are included.
Sala Warsztatowa – MasterclassDzień 2 – Sobota08:00Fundamentals of using the Army Painter SpeedpaintsIn this hands-on Painting Class you will learn the fundamentals of using the Army Painter Speedpaints! Applying these highly pigmented, contrasting colors correctly will allow you to paint non-metallic metal and armor faster than ever before. An absolute must if you need to paint a big number of Miniatures using NMM or struggle with painting large surfaces like Armor in general! All Materials necessary are included.
Sala Warsztatowa – MasterclassDzień 2 – Sobota10:00Wargames for begginersMarcin ”Black Dog” MazurekYou’re interested in wargaming but don’t know where to start your adventure? At this lecture, you will learn all the basics – where to buy miniatures, how to assemble and paint them, as well as what brushes and paints to choose. We will also share our thoughts on which setting is best for beginners and what all the measures and dice are for. In other words, this will be a great introduction to the hobby of wargaming.
Sala Warsztatowa – MasterclassDzień 2 – Sobota11:00The hard trackway until being an sculpture artist.Boris Szuster Woloszyn is a Brazilian-Polish designer and sculptor. In his work, Boris focuses greatly on handmade miniatures, even despite the times when 3D printing is dominating the market. He worked with companies like Side Show, Dwarven Forge, and Mork Borg. Currently, he works as Art Director, Designer, and Sculptor at Westfalia, a Canadian company, focused on miniatures made using a high-quality resin. During the lecture, Boris will share his insight on the struggles of becoming a seasoned artist. He will also talk about his creation and sculpting process, tools, and the work methods he implements.
Sala Warsztatowa – MasterclassDzień 2 – Sobota16:00Bringing the Vision Alive – IllustratingJoin Liz Danforth for a workshop on how to take an idea and make it into a finished piece of art/illustration. Where ideas come from, finding art references, composition to fit the required space, sketches and thumbnails, execution. Get a glimpse into the inner workings of the process usually taking weeks and an opportunity to ask questions directly.
Sala Warsztatowa – MasterclassDzień 3 – Niedziela10:00How to paint Steel and Gold with NMM Techniques?
Sala ZiemiDzień 1 – Piątek17:00Rebecca Kuang – Babel Reading and Q&ARebecca KuangDuring the fan meeting, the Author will present a passage from her new, not yet published book “Babel” and answer the fans’ questions
Sala ZiemiDzień 1 – Piątek19:00[Concert] Dave Rodgers“Déjà vu, I’ve just been in this place before” Are you humming this melody along with us? Pyrkon hosts the concert by Dave Rodgers, the singer many call the Father of Eurobeat. His guitarist, Kaioh, will join him, and together, they will perform Eurobeat hits you may recognize from the cult anime series Initial D!
Sala ZiemiDzień 1 – Piątek22:00[panel] Rebecca Kuang and Samantha ShannonSamantha Shannon, Rebecca Kuang, Katre HajokBoth The Priory of the Orange Tree and The Poppy Wars trilogy show that it is possible (maybe even necessary?) to build new fantasy narratives around strong female characters… and authors. Two great writers: Samantha Shannon and Rebecca Kuang will discuss the place of women in the future of the fantasy genre.
Sala ZiemiDzień 2 – Sobota13:30Meeting with Edward J. OlmosMeeting with Edward James Olmos – the actor known for his roles in Battlestar Galactica, Miami Vice, and Blade Runner.
Sala ZiemiDzień 2 – Sobota21:00[Concert] Percival and orchestraPercival will perform a concert together with an orchestra conducted by Robert Kurdybach.
Sala ZiemiDzień 3 – Niedziela12:00[Concert] Epic MusicMPK Poznań Orchestra will transport you to the world of epic music from games, movies, and tv shows. This journey will be made special by the ensemble of over 60 brass instruments! Get ready for immense fun trying to pick out the recognizable but also some unobvious tunes.
Scena PlenerowaDzień 1 – Piątek22:30[Concert] Red Sun RisingRed Sun RisingRed Sun Rising & Olica are preparing a real musical feast with electronic folk, white voice singing, and a hurdy-gurdy. Red Sun Rising, or rather Michał Niecikowski, is a musician from Szczecin specializing in electronic sounds dipped in some folk and Slavic energy. Olica, on the other hand, is Aleksandra Suchowiecka, a scholar of old Polish songs, a vocalist, and an instrumentalist involved with folk projects Kipikasza and Dziadowski Projekt.
Scena PlenerowaDzień 2 – Sobota00:30[Concert] NanoKarrinConcert by the Polish fandub group NanoKarrin.
Scena PlenerowaDzień 2 – Sobota12:00[Concert] KoheiConcert by Kohei, a singer and a songwriter who performs his original songs in Japanese! He spent the first 7 years of his musical journey in Japan, where he performed with a band to later launch his solo career. He then moved to Europe, where he released his first album, “No Regret”. His music is a thrilling mixture – with the melancholic melody of an acoustic guitar on one side and electrifying rock hits on the other.
Scena PlenerowaDzień 2 – Sobota13:30[Concert] Ignis Cantores ChoirIgnis Cantores ChoirConcert by the Ignis Cantores Choir from Poznan.The choir is a collaborative of people of many backgrounds, crafts, and passions. It was established in the Autumn of 2016, making it the youngest academic choir in Poznan. Their repertoire includes sacred music pieces, movie soundtracks, and pop-music hits. More at:
Scena PlenerowaDzień 2 – Sobota15:00[Concert] Karol Suchecki + WAKEY Dance CrewKarol Suchecki, WAKEY Dance CrewA graffiti covered hype-train comes to the MTP Expo grounds, so hop on and buckle your belts! This year you will witness a concert by Karol Suchecki, a singer known for his covers of League of Legends and various anime songs. His concert will be preceded by WAKEY Dance Crew performance! All that will end with the Pyrkon Song. Your presence will make this event truly unique, so we hope to see you there!
Scena PlenerowaDzień 2 – Sobota16:15[Concert] Lemko TowerLemko TowerLemko Tower is a band of young Lemkos from Strzelce Krajeńskie, a Polish ethnic group, who draw their inspiration from the culture and tradition of their ancestors. They’ve been creating music together for the last 15 years – in 2005, they started as a child band playing folk to later settle on their current rock theme. Lemko Tower has become an agent of the young Lemko generation that transcends the bounds of tradition as they address its artistic needs. More at:
Scena PlenerowaDzień 2 – Sobota18:30[Concert] Jeremiah KaneJEREMIAH KANEThis year’s Pyrkon is filled with musical attractions. One of them is a concert by the JEREMIAH KANE group, which will perform live on the Outdoor Stage! JEREMIAH KANE is a four-piece band from Poznan which combines such genres as synth-wave, dark synth, and metal with a tinge of retro game sounds. Their music is far from peaceful. The energy and fire flowing through their songs draw the public in. Each performer shares their lively spirit and interacts with fans, giving out 2500 percent of their energy. We’re not done with the surprises yet! This will be the band’s first concert with a live percussion, so we are in for an even stronger musical punch!
Scena PlenerowaDzień 2 – Sobota20:30[Concert] AkiharuAkiharu IdolsAkiharu, the dance cosplay group, invite you to their thrilling music show! Since 2018 the Akiharu girls have been creating music videos and performing at various events, sharing their love for idols, dancing, and cosplay. If you count yourself among the fans of the idols and their colorful performance, make sure to join the crowd during their live show! The group will perform a wide set of songs from the Love Live! School Idol Project series and with it, they will take you on a journey to a true delight of a show famous both in Japan and around the world. It will be an experience to remember!
Scena PlenerowaDzień 2 – Sobota23:30[Concert] DziewannaDziewannaThis year’s Pyrkon is your chance to hear Dziewanna live, as she will perform on the Outdoor Stage! She’s an incredible singer, composer, and music lyricist. Dziewanna draws great inspiration from nature, being fascinated by the pure energy that flows through everything around us. Her music is a mixture of mystic folk and melodic folk metal with an added aura of mystery, inspired by the world of The Witcher, Nordic-Slavic folklore, and Romantic literature. Come and take part in this magical experience!
Scena PlenerowaDzień 3 – Niedziela11:00[Concert] Jacek KowalskiJacek KowalskiJacek Kowalski is a persona worth knowing! A songster, Sarmatian, art historian, lover of Old Polish poetry, and translator of Old French poetry. He’s a professor at the AMU History of Art Institute and winner of the 24th Student Song Festival in Cracow; in 2017, he was awarded the Jozef A. Mackiewicz Literary Prize for his book Sarmacja. Obalanie mitów. Podręcznik bojowy. (Sarmatia. Disproving myths. Tactical Handbook.) You will get a chance to hear his songs about the old times – both original and the ones he translated from old transcripts.
Scena PlenerowaDzień 3 – Niedziela12:30Cosplay ShowAleksandra ”Shappi” ToraWe have prepared a Cosplay Show for those who want to present their designs without the stress of competition. We invite everyone who would like to go on stage along with other cosplayers and demonstrate their costume. It’s your chance to try your hand at performing on the stage. We welcome all cosplays, whether you made it yourself or not.
Scena PlenerowaDzień 3 – Niedziela15:00[Concert] MerkfolkMerfolkTheir name, translated loosely from Norwegian, means “folk carriers”. Catchy Merkfolk songs combine accordion and violins with heavy guitar and percussion, topping it up with a female singer’s growl. The acoustic version exchanges the harsh growl with an open, white voice. Join us at the Outdoor Stage!
Strefa Foto paw.15Dzień 1 – Piątek18:30[foto] Helena DahlgrenMartyna Dziadek, Helena Dahlgren
Strefa Foto paw.15Dzień 1 – Piątek19:30[foto] Rebecca KuangRebecca Kuang
Strefa Foto paw.15Dzień 2 – Sobota14:00[foto] Edward James Olmos
Strefa Foto paw.15Dzień 2 – Sobota15:30[foto] Samantha ShannonSamantha Shannon
Strefa Foto paw.15Dzień 2 – Sobota16:30[foto] Victoria Holmes i Johanna TarkelaVictoria Holmes, Johanna Tarkela
Strefa Foto paw.15Dzień 2 – Sobota20:00[foto] Graham MastertonGraham Masterton
Strefa Foto paw.15Dzień 3 – Niedziela12:00[foto] Edward James Olmos
Strefa Mangi i Anime – aulaDzień 2 – Sobota02:00[maraton] Crunchyroll presents: SPY x FAMILYJoin the binge watch of currently airing hit TV series Spy x Family, delivered to us by Crunchyroll, world’s biggest dedicated anime streaming platform free of charge. Crunchyroll will also provide us with a SxF photo booth in pavilion 5A. Go there to take a photo with the Forger family!
Strefa Mangi i Anime – aulaDzień 3 – Niedziela02:00[maraton] Crunchyroll presents: Jujutsu KaisenJoin the binge watch of acclaimed TV series Jujutsu Kaisen, delivered to us by Crunchyroll, world’s biggest dedicated anime streaming platform free of charge. Crunchyroll will also provide us with a screening of the prequel movie JUJUTSU KAISEN ZERO at the outdoor cinema.
Strefa Warsztatowa – Open SpaceDzień 2 – Sobota12:00Foambending – Eva foam & ClayEdyta ”AHu” NowakI will talk about various uses of eva foam and clay outside of armor making (wigs, shoes, various clothing items like hats and belts etc), utilising scraps and leftovers to minimise costs and waste production while crafting. Panel will start from a short presentation of various projects and media, foam can be incorporated in and go to various tips on choosing which material and density will be suitable for what, how to ensure the items will be durable for wear and how to fix them if needed.