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Strona główna » Regulations of competitions and tournaments held at the PYRKON 2021 Fan Convention

Regulations of competitions and tournaments held at the PYRKON 2021 Fan Convention


a) The Holder of the Pyrkon 2021 Fan Convention (hereinafter: “Convention”) in Poznan, which will be held between 02-04.07.2021is the Klub Fantastyki DRUGA ERA Association, with its headquarters at ul. Kaliska 22A/23, 61-131 Poznań, (hereinafter: “Convention Holder”). The Convention Holder is represented in particular by the Managers of the Contests Section, the  Convention Directors and other volunteers (managers, volunteers, contributors) performing their tasks and duties as part of the Convention.

b) Competitions and tournaments (hereinafter referred to as: “Competition”) are program events in the Pyrkon 2021 Fan Convention program during which Participants can win the convention’s currency,(hereinafter referred to as: “Pyrpounds”).

c) Pyrpounds are the convention currency, which constitutes prizes in competitions held during the Convention. Participants can exchange their Pyrpounds for prizes in the convention shop (hereinafter referred to as: “PyrShop”).

d) A speaker/host is a person or group of persons preparing and conducting a contest, (hereinafter referred to as: “The Host”)

e) The Contests are conducted exclusively on the premises of and during the Pyrkon 2021 Fan Convention.

2.  Rules of competitions and cooperation with the Host

a) The Competition is open to Convention Participants, with the exception of persons excluded by the Convention Holder.

b) Volunteers on duty and other persons acting for the benefit of the Convention, as well as Hosts of the same Competition and other persons acting in connection with the organization, preparation and execution of the Competition are excluded from participation in the Competition.

C) Participants can take part in the Competition individually or in groups, in accordance with the previously established form of the Competition.

d) The subject matter and conduct of the Competition must not hurt or offend anyone based on: sexual orientation, gender, national, ethnic, racial, political, religious affiliation or their lack of religious denomination.

e) The competition cannot propagate a totalitarian system or incite to hatred.

f) The subject matter of the Competition cannot include any content intended for adults, unless the Competition Host stipulated such information earlier in the description of the Competition contained in the program and the Convention Holder agreed to include such content in the program.

g) The competition must not exceed a predetermined time, and if necessary, the Convention Holder must be informed immediately.

h) The Host agrees to remain sober while conducting the Competition.

i) The Competition Host is obliged to personally confirm his readiness to conduct the Competition with the Convention Holder one hour before the planned date of the Competition at the latest.

j) Should the Host fail to confirm his/her willingness to carry out the Competition, the Convention Holder reserves the right to attempt to obtain such confirmation through direct telephone contact with the Host.

k) In case it is impossible to obtain confirmation of the Host’s readiness to conduct the Competition within one hour before the scheduled start time of the Competition, the Convention Holder has the right to cancel the Competition and replace it with another program event, assuming that the Host has resigned from conducting the Competition and the discount for Hosts.

l) The Host agrees to send the Competition script to the Contests Section Manager no later than 21 days before the start of the Convention (11.06.2021) by email.

m) The Convention holder reserves the right to make a decision in all disputable situations and with regards to issues not included in the regulations.


a) Pyrpounds, collected by the Competition Host in person at least one hour before the planned start of the Contest at the Convention Office, constitute prizes in the Contests; if the Contest takes place outside the Contests Section, the Host shall collect Pyrpounds from the Manager of the relevant Section.

b) The Host may collect the Pyrpounds only when presenting an official document confirming his/her identity: an identity card, passport, driving licence, student card.

c) By signing the receipt of Pyrpounds, the Host acknowledges having read the regulations and undertakes to abide by them.

d) The number of Pyrpounds for each Competition is determined by the Convention Holder, and the Host distributes the awarded number of Pyrpounds among the winners of the Competition (in accordance with the Convention Holder’s guidelines regarding prizes for the winners). If there is only one winner provided for, then the entire pool of Pyrpounds goes to the winner.

e) The Host is obliged to fill in and return the competition form to the Convention Office.

f) In individual competitions the first three places will be awarded and in group competitions only the first place will be awarded. The Convention Holder reserves the right to change these instructions individually for each Competition.

g) Contestants who took part in the Contest as a group distribute the Pyrpounds constituting  the prize pool among themselves on their own, neither the Convention Holder, nor the Host intervenes in the division of the prize pool between the participants of the awarded team, they can only suggest the division. The final decision rests with the awarded Participants.

h) The Host is obliged to return all unused Pyrpounds to the Convention Office.


a) Inappropriate behavior of the Host may constitute grounds for the Convention Holder or another Volunteer to discontinue the Contest. In extreme cases, it may be the reason for asking the Host to leave the Convention Grounds.