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Emy "Shiaya" Jager


Driven costume maker and model from The Netherlands. Her work is made with a focus on photography and has a lot of attention to details. She started out back in 2013 finishing her first costume, the Beritra leather set from AION Online. Her love for Games and strong female characters come forward in her choice of characters, unless they got really fancy footwear, that could also seal the deal on which costume will be made or not.
Over the years Shiaya had the opportunity to work with a lot of different photographers and videographers from Europe but also the USA. Some of the names include Eos Andy, Velvet Art, Pugoffka, Studio Zahora, The Legend of Micha, Rescue The Princess and many more. This also lead to the publications of pictures in various magazines, glossies and photobooks in The Netherlands, UK, Germany and the USA. Although Shiaya has been around the cosplay scene for quite some time, she was more active in photography competitions, like the Gry Online – AION competition, which granted her a trip to Krakow to do a promotional shoot. She was also nominated for the Coplay Gen Awards for best armour with her Ashley Williams costume from Mass Effect 3.
The future plans for this cosplayer are to go to Japan one day to travel and go to a cosplay convention there. But Shiaya would also like to return once more to the USA and take part in more cosplay conventions there. She is always very excited to meet new people, cosplayers and video/photographers and work on new collaborations.

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