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Maciej Kur

Maciej Kur

Scriptwriter for comic and animated shows. With Piotr Bednarczyk he created comic book series “Lil & Put” (appearing in both book forms and as part of “Nowa Fantastyka” magazine), and with Magdalena “Meag” Kania he created “Emilka Sza” (Emily Hush) and “Delisie” (Dollicious) He’s the script writer for official continuation of legendary series “Kayko and Kokosh”, as well “Oskar and Fabrycy”, created by Mietek Fijał.

He works at various animated show, including the upcoming adaptation of „Kayko and Kokosh” (EgoFilm)

He graduated Warsaw “Academy of Fine Arts” and “Academy of Film and Television”. He makes lectures for kids and youth about history of comic books, as well classes on creating comics.

Author of the children-fantasy book „Sylwia Sylwester jest Niecałopełnista”.

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