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Strona główna » Role Play Zone

Role Play Zone

Are you LARP and RPG enthusiasts? Do you always gather your party before venturing forth? If so, venture into hall 14, where the Role-Play Zone awaits! This is the place you will find dozens of lectures, LARPs and RPG sessions! The zone will operate around the clock, providing you with activities even when everyone else goes to sleep!

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RPG sessions and LARPs

As in previous years, we prepared many opportunities for you to participate in LARPs and RPG sessions this year as well! After all, the Role-Play Zone is all about the storylines, so you will be able to easily find eager party members, with whom you will live through many a dangerous adventure under the watchful eye of a Game Master.

This is where you will face monsters impossible to tame, discover the unexplored and write your own history.

Lectures and workshops

Waiting for you in hall 14 are three lecture rooms and one workshop room. This is where you will have the opportunity to participate in fascinating discussions, lectures and presentations prepared especially for you. All this not only from our guests from the country, but also from celebrities visiting from abroad! Among the personalities we invited are authors, publishers and LARP creators.

For more info go to the guests and invited speakers tabs!

Lightning Talks

This year we prepared an absolute novelty for you. The Role-Play Zone has never seen anything like this before! Happening in one of the lecture rooms of hall 14 will be lectures almost as speedy as The Flash. “Lightning Talks”, as that is what we are talking about, will take 20 minutes, and their short format will allow the speaker to present the issue of his choice in a flash.

Do you believe that there is too much going on at Pyrkon for you to sit through a lecture for an hour straight? Or would you prefer to be playing a character you created and go on adventures under the watchful eye of a Game Master? If so, this format will prove to be perfect for you, after all you will find 20 minutes in your schedule without even breaking a sweat!


Another amazing initiative straight from the Role-Play Zone awaits you during this year’s edition of Pyrkon. A huge space for playing together has been prepared for all you RPG enthusiasts. No more problems with finding space for organizing sessions, rattling off Character Sheets or hiding in the corners to exterminate opponents created by the Game Master!

You will find the RPGaming in the so-called four-pack, hall 7 to be more precise. It’s exactly 3792 square meters, tailored to the needs of any session’s participants. For the sake of your comfort, we will prepare about 150 tables, so that everyone can find a comfortable place for themselves. We also guarantee that on some stations you will always find someone who will construct an adventure especially for you.

RPGaming will be operating around the clock, so that you don’t have to interrupt your sessions once the clock strikes a particular hour and run away from the ball like Cinderella. The space will also be full of initiatives promoting RPGs and RPG sessions in English.

Before the visiting the RPGaming, read its regulations.

Signing up for a session: how, where and when to do it?

More information will be available soon!