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Role Play Zone

Are you LARP and RPG enthusiasts? Do you always gather your party before venturing forth? If so, venture into hall 14, where the Role-Play Zone awaits! This is the place you will find dozens of lectures, LARPs and RPG sessions! The zone will operate around the clock, providing you with activities even when everyone else goes to sleep!

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Pyrkon 2020 is fast approaching, so it’s time to let you in on some secrets and share what we have prepared with you, Pyrkon-goers, in mind. You will surely be glad to know that the entire Role-Playing Zone will be located in Hall 7, and you will have two lecture rooms and four LARP rooms  in the mezzanine at your disposal. On the ground floor of the hall, we will have set up the RPGaming, available round the clock. Intrigued? Then keep reading!

RPG sessions and LARPs

This year, we will also have many opportunities lined up for you to do LARPs and RPG sessions! And that’s because we have not forgotten that Role-Playing Zone is all about the plots. It’s here, where you get to gather your party before venturing forth. A party of brave daredevils, with whom you will face any adversities your Game Master concocted for you. You will get the chance to discover the undiscovered and write your own story together.


Of course there has to be RPGaming ready for you at the upcoming Pyrkon – a huge space prepared for you to play together. You don’t have to worry that there would be no space for sessions, rattle off Character Sheets or sneak around to be able to immerse yourself into your favorite universe and wipe out the opponents created by the Game Master for you.

You will find RPGaming on the ground floor of hall number 7. It’s a space of exactly 3792 square meters, adjusted to the needs of the participants of any RPG session. We will have approximately 100 tables ready for your gaming pleasure, so there will be more than enough space for everybody. We’ll also guarantee that there will always be someone there to run a session for you at some of the tables. But wait, there is more! RPGaming will be available round the clock, so that you don’t have to interrupt your session as the clock strikes an arbitrary hour and flee like a Cinderella.

Game Masters on Duty

Game Masters will be there to spin unforgettable tales of adventures in fantastic (or downright frightening!) settings. You will find them at RPGaming, where they will have their duty hours. You can count on over 150 sessions, run by several dozen of Game Masters!


We have not forgotten about LARP lovers as well! We have prepared for rooms just for you, where you will be able to immerse yourselves in the worlds you create and be part of your own stories. You’ll find the LARP rooms in the mezzanine of hall number 7!


You will have the chance to attend interesting discussions, lectures and presentations prepared especially for you in the Role-Playing Zone. And all that not only held by guests from all around Poland, but also from abroad! There are game creators, publishers and LARP creators among the guests we have invited. You will find two rooms at the mezzanine of hall number 7 – one for Lightning Talks, and the other for longer presentations, lasting up to one hour each.

For more information about these, go to the guests and invited speakers tab!

Lightning Talks

Last year you’ve given a warm welcome to  the idea of Lightning Talks. Short, twenty-minutes long lectures were pretty popular and the format allowed for the subject matter to be presented rather instantly. So we’re doing it again at the upcoming Pyrkon! They will be held in one of the rooms at the mezzanine of hall number 7.


We also remember about those you who wish to learn new skills during Pyrkon, or ask more experienced Game Masters about all the things bothering you. That is why, there will be a designated section of the RPGaming were numerous workshops will be held for all those interested.