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Strona główna » Role Play Zone

Role Play Zone

This year’s Role Play Zone will cover the whole pavilion 14! You will be able to play narrative games of all sorts. This section is filled with attractions for both beginning and advanced LARP and RPG fans.

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LARP and RPG sessions

There is a whole lot space designated for LARPs and RPGs this year – players can expect a handful of lecture halls in the Role Play Zone.
Would you like to play a LARP or RPG session on Pyrkon? Or maybe you’re a game master dreaming of hosting one? We encourage all players and Game Masters to submit RPG sessions through Pyrkon Roleplay app – if there will gather a team eager to play, our Volunteers will do their best to find you a suitable place to play. The option of applying to participants and reserve lists will be open on Friday May 18th at 12:00.

Role Play University

Role Play University is a perfect place to begin your adventure with RPG! In a short time, you will learn the system, create your own character and participate in a session! More information about the Role Play University will appear soon.
We’re currently looking for GMs to hold sessions on the Role Play University. If you are an experienced RPG player and would like to help others make their first steps into the world of RPG, let us know by mailing
You will be rewarded for your dedicated time.

Lectures in the Role Play Zone

There are 3 lecture halls full of programme, awaiting you in the Zone, including:

  • Role Play Stage, with the most spectacular points of program.
  • Creative Workshop, a space for players and GMs wishing to develop their skill.