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Strona główna » Rules for submitting and conducting program events at Pyrkon 2018

Rules for submitting and conducting program events at Pyrkon 2018


1. Organizing a Program Event

a) The organizer of the Pyrkon 2018 Fantasy Fan Convention (hereafter referred to as “the Convention”) which will take place in Poznań on 18-20 May is the Druga Era Association, with headquarters at street Kaliska 22A/23, 61-131 Poznań (hereafter referred to as “the Organizer”). The Convention Organizer is represented by Section Heads, Convention Directors and other volunteers (organizers, gofers, collaborators) performing their tasks and duties connected to the Convention.

b) Program Events (hereafter referred to as “the Program”) are attractions of the Pyrkon 2018 Convention, such as: lectures, presentations, panels, contests, shows, and workshops available to attendees.

c) A Speaker is a person or a group of persons preparing and performing a program event (hereafter referred to as “the Speaker”).

d) A room is understood as a place in which a program event is held, both in the pavilion area, as well as the open area within the Convention bounds.

e) The program is conducted only in the area of the Pyrkon 2018 Convention as it is taking place, after having been approved by the Organizer.

f) The Contest Rules are regulated by guidelines contained within a separate document, available in the “Rules” tab on the organizers web page.

2. Rules of collaboration with the Speaker

a) Submitting a Program is done by filling out the form on the Convention’s web page.

b) The Organizer reserves the right to reject a submitted program event at any time until the publication of the program without providing a reason.

c) The submitting person is obligated to provide the Organizer with all necessary information about the program event in a specified time, including sending at the request of the Organizer within 2 weeks audio or video materials if the Program is provisionally accepted.

d) In the event of a Program being accepted, the Speaker can receive a 50% discount for the purchase of a three-day promo ticket for every full hour of program, to be divided among all presenters of the Program Event.

e) The Speaker is obligated to collect the ticket at the specified ticket desk, providing the same information as in the application form.

I) The Speakers shall be informed, by email or phone, at which ticket desk they should collect their tickets before the ticked desks are open.

II) If the ticket is collected in a ticket desk different from the one specified, the Organizer is not responsible for any additional costs incurred by the Speaker.

III) If the tickets were pre-purchased before the program list is announced, the Speaker is entitled to return the ticket in accordance with the appropriate rules no later than 2 weeks from receiving an email from the Organizer confirming their participation in the program.

f) The Organizer from among those applying will also choose several reserve Speakers, who will be obliged to prepare the presentations placed on the reserve list. The applicant may refuse to be placed on the reserve list.

g) Persons placed on the reserve list are entitled to receive the same discounts as regular Speakers, due to the time required to prepare the Program. At the same time, if a reserve speaker will refuse to run the chosen Program after the discounts have been awarded, they shall be cancelled.

h) The Organizer has the right to request a reimbursement of expenses incurred with connection to the Program or a reimbursement of the ticket price if a Speaker or a reserve speaker will not fulfill their obligations connected with preparing the Program.

i) The Speaker shall be informed whether their program event has been accepted by email or phone at least one week before the Program is published.

j) Any potential reimbursements provided by the Organizer on the basis of individually agreed upon conditions are possible on condition of providing the proper documents within 14 days from the date of the Convention’s end (or 5 June 2018) – the date when the documents are received is applicable. The Speaker shall be informed about which documents are necessary to receive a reimbursement by 14 May 2018.

k) The Program shall be published by 16 April 2018.


3. Conducting Program Events

a) The persons who can take part in the Program are Convention Attendees, apart from persons excluded by the Convention Organizer.

b) The Speaker may bring in into their program event 2 persons outside of the established line.

c) The Speaker is obliged to be present before the specified room at least 10 minutes before the program event start time.

d) The subject matter for program events cannot harm or offend anyone on the basis of: sexual orientation, gender, nationality, ethnicity, race, political allegiance, religious belief or its lack.

e) The program cannot promote a totalitarian system or incite hatred.

f) The program event’s subject matter cannot contain material restricted for adults, unless the Speaker informed the Organizer beforehand by including the pertinent information in the event description and the Convention Organizer has explicitly agreed for the program event to contain such material.

g) The Program cannot exceed the previously specified rime, and the Speaker is obliged to listen to the Organizer or room gofers when they make a request for the program to be ended early.

h) The Speaker is obliged to remain sober while presenting the Program Event.

i) The Speaker is obliged to pass over the room after completing their Program Event, having left it in the state they had received it, or having informed the Organizer about any problems encountered.

j) The Speaker is obliged to confirm with the Organizer in person at least an hour before the specified time that they are fully prepared to present the Program Event.

k) In the event that the Speaker does not confirm they are ready to present the Program Event, the Convention Organizer reserves the right to attempt to receive this confirmation by direct telephone contact with the Speaker.

l) In the event it is impossible to receive confirmation that the Speaker is ready to present the Program Event at least an hour before the specified time, the Convention Organizer reserves the right to cancel the given Program Event and replace it with another, having decided that the Speaker has resigned from presenting the Program Event and given up any Speaker discounts they were entitled to on its account.

m) In all disputed situation and issues not contained within these rules, the Convention Organizer reserves the right to make the final decision.

Final provisions

a) If the Speaker breaks any of the Rules, their Program may be terminated by the Convention Organizer or any other Volunteer. In extreme cases it can lead to the Speaker being made to leave the Convention grounds.