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Strona główna » Ticket prices

Ticket prices

3-day tickets for attending Pyrkon will be sold at two price levels:

  • until the 05.04.2021 – PLN 119
  • from the 06.04.2021 until the start of Pyrkon and at the ticket office during the Convention – PLN 139

Until the 29.03.2021 it is possible to buy a Special Package for 249 PLN. 

With each three-day ticket, you can buy an entrance ticket to the Resting Space for PLN 10. Tickets will be available while stocks last. For more information regarding the Resting Space visit the subpage My First Pyrkon

Only 3-day tickets are available for pre-order.

Each pre-ordered ticket must be exchanged for a participant’s

ID badge.

Entrance tickets to the Resting Space must be exchanged for a band.

Where to exchange tickets: Poznań International Fair Eastern Entrance (from the side of the railway station)

When to exchange tickets:

  • Thursday 03.05.2021, from 9:00AM to 7:00PM;
  • Friday from 10:00AM all day until Sunday, until 3:00PM.

Look for the banner that will show you the exact place to exchange tickets for ID badges and bands.

Why is it worth it to pre-purchase a ticket?

  1. An opportunity to reserve a spot for program events. If you buy a ticket at the first price threshold, you can reserve a spot for 2 program events, when you buy a ticket at the second price threshold, you can reserve a place for 1 program event.
  2. People who pre-purchased tickets have access to a separate entrance to Pyrkon, which minimizes the waiting time in the queue. We encourage attendees to exchange tickets on Thursday, 13.05.2021, from 9:00AM to 7:00PM, which can almost completely eliminate the need to wait before you enter the Convention.
  3. A unique gadget.

Why is it worth it to buy a Special Package?

  1. An opportunity to reserve a spot for 4 program events. In addition, the reservation for program events opens ONE week earlier than for standard tickets.
  2. No queues. People who purchased the Special Package have access to a completely separate entrance to Pyrkon.
  3. A Pyrkon gadget.
  4. A unique Pyrcorp Technology Inc. t-shirt
  5. Access to the Resting Space included in the price of the package (optional).

Sale on site

During Pyrkon, tickets will be available for sale only at designated ticket offices.

Where: Poznań International Fair Northern Entrance (from Bukowska street)


  • Thursday 13.05.2021, from 9:00AM until 7:00PM;
  • Friday 14.05.2021, from 10:00 AM around the clock, until Sunday 16.05.2021 until 3:00PM



  • 3-day ticket 139 PLN
  • 1-day ticket Friday 59 PLN
  • 1-day ticket Saturday 85 PLN
  • 1-day ticket Sunday 39 PLN

Children ages 6 to 12:

  • 1-day ticket Friday 30 PLN
  • 1-day ticket Saturday 45 PLN
  • 1-day ticket Sunday 20 PLN

Free admission to the event for children under 6 years old.