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Strona główna » Ticket prices

Ticket prices

3-day tickets for attending Pyrkon 2021 will be sold at two price levels:

  • until the 01.06.2021 – PLN 119
  • from the 02.06.2021 until the start of Pyrkon and at the ticket office during the Convention – PLN 139

Only 3-day tickets are available for pre-order.

Each pre-ordered ticket must be exchanged for a participant’s

ID badge.

Where to exchange tickets: Poznań International Fair Eastern Entrance (from the side of the railway station)

When to exchange tickets:

  • Thursday 16.06.2021, from 9:00AM to 7:00PM;
  • Friday from 10:00AM all day until Sunday, until 3:00PM.

Look for the banner that will show you the exact place to exchange tickets for ID badges and bands.

Why is it worth it to pre-purchase a ticket?

  1. An opportunity to reserve a spot for program events. If you buy a ticket at the first price threshold, you can reserve a spot for 2 program events, when you buy a ticket at the second price threshold, you can reserve a place for 1 program event.
  2. People who pre-purchased tickets have access to a separate entrance to Pyrkon, which minimizes the waiting time in the queue. We encourage attendees to exchange tickets on Thursday, 16.06.2022, from 9:00AM to 7:00PM, which can almost completely eliminate the need to wait before you enter the Convention.
  3. A unique gadget.

Sale on site

During Pyrkon, tickets will be available for sale only at designated ticket offices.

Where: Poznań International Fair Northern Entrance (from Bukowska street)


  • Thursday 16.06.2022, from 9:00AM until 7:00PM;
  • Friday 17.06.2022, from 10:00 AM around the clock, until Sunday 04.07.2021 until 3:00PM



  • 3-day ticket 139 PLN
  • 1-day ticket Friday 59 PLN
  • 1-day ticket Saturday 85 PLN
  • 1-day ticket Sunday 39 PLN

Children ages 6 to 12:

  • 1-day ticket Friday 30 PLN
  • 1-day ticket Saturday 45 PLN
  • 1-day ticket Sunday 20 PLN

Free admission to the event for children under 6 years old.