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Strona Główna / Program Pyrkonu / Christopher Judge Q&A [ENG/PL]

Christopher Judge Q&A [ENG/PL]

sobota, 27 kwiecień 2019, 14:00
Czas trwania
50 min
Telebim/nocne kino plenerowe
Bloki programowe
Blok Filmowo-Serialowy
Q&A panel with our special guest, Christopher Judge, best known for his role as Teal'c in the Stargate TV series and movies. His portfolio also includes dubbing parts and the most well-known of all of them is Kratos from the 2018 “God of War” video game. In addition to voice acting, our guest also provided the character with his movements, using the motion capture technique. He dubbed Magneto in “X-Men: Evolution”, Plato in “Adventures from the Book of Virtues” or coach Simon Gray in “Action Man”. Currently, you can hear him dub the remake of “Wacky Races”, where he voices Brick Crashman.This event will be available in the auditorium and will be broadcast on the giant screen.
Norbert Pałuka
Christopher Judge