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Strona Główna / Program Pyrkonu / From zero to anime – light novel success stories

From zero to anime – light novel success stories

sobota, 27 kwiecień 2019, 00:00
Czas trwania
50 min
Aula Dalekowschodnia
Bloki programowe
Blok Dalekowschodni
Overlord, Log Horizon, Re: Zero, Slime – these and many more works went from self-published web novel to a hugely popular anime adaptation. Somehow, with no backing to start with, the aspiring novelists managed to gain popularity and funding over the years. Other than the catchy (and often hilariously long) titles these works have, what was the enabler of their success? What other works can we expect to break through in the near future?
Tomasz "Owoc" Lewoc