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Strona Główna / Program Pyrkonu / Memories of Greg Stafford

Memories of Greg Stafford

piątek, 26 kwiecień 2019, 21:00
Czas trwania
50 min
Aula Fabularna 1.1
Bloki programowe
Strefa Fabularna - Prelekcje
In October 2018 Greg Stafford died. Most known for the creation of fantasy world of Glorantha, dozen of other games, as well as co-founder of Chaosium and Issaries companies. He was a prolific game designer and influenced countless lives along the way. Join us together with Mark Rein•Hagen and Jeff Richard as we will talk about Greg and everything related - life, work, companies, games and legacy.
Jeff Richard, Mark Rein•Hagen