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The Man From Earth

niedziela, 28 kwiecień 2019, 16:00
Czas trwania
50 min
Sala Ziemi
Bloki programowe
Kino, Muzyka i Teatr
The English theatre 'The Cheerful Hamlets' visit Pyrkon once again to delight the audience with a masterful display of fine arts. This time they present "The Man From Earth" by Jerome Bixby - a tale of time and human history on our blue marble. Every 10 years or so, John Oldman has to move on. No matter what he’s doing. No matter who he’s with. He has to pack up and leave, or there will be talk of him not aging. When John decides to say farewell to his friends, a great discussion bursts out, mixing philosophy, anthropology, and value of human connection. There is just no way this party won't go down in history. The play is performed in English; it’s a treat for all foreign guests and theatre lovers. You just can't miss it. Directed by Katarzyna Szyszka and Jan Ziętara.
Nazwa grupy
The Cheerful Hamlets