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Strona Główna / Program Pyrkonu / The n-word and the f-word in American movies & TV

The n-word and the f-word in American movies & TV

niedziela, 28 kwiecień 2019, 11:00
Czas trwania
50 min
Aula Duża
Bloki programowe
Blok Filmowo-Serialowy
“Now you go and call me a f*ing ni*a, man. You gonna call me a ni*a in front of these motherf*ing Colombians?" (Get Rich or Die Trying’ 2005)The presentation will deal with the use of two taboo words: one racial slur (the n-word) and one obscene word (the f-word) in selected movies and TV series about African Americans/with African American characters. More specifically, we will focus on the time-span between the 1940s and the 2010s to elaborate on the usage of these two words. But for their scrutiny in movie scripts, we will also discuss their early history, semantic evolution as well as present-day changes affecting both lexemes.