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Mobile Pyrkon


We have given free rein to our imagination and prepared as many as four mobile apps for you! “The guys at Pyrkon went crazy” – you might think. It’s not madness or coincidence, however. That’s the Plan.

If you’ve been to previous editions of Pyrkon, you know perfectly well that for a couple of years now, we have been experimenting with this. We started with the program exported into a mobile friendly format and a Java Script app, it worked rather awkwardly, but the users’ reactions drove us to search for new, improved solutions.

This is how we came across Eventory, an app which is going to be accompanying Pyrkon for the fourth time, allowing for an easier access to information than our website. In the end, how much easier is it to tap the icon than enter and click through the menu to access the program search bar? How much more convenient is it to have everything readily available in one place? And most importantly: how much better is it to have it all available offline? I can boldly say I know what you need. No, I am no clairvoyant, nor a soothsayer. I just remember the results of the surveys conducted within the last few years among the users of the Eventory PyrApp. Not to mention the fact that the number of users has daoubled between the years 2016-2018.


It’s the increase in the number of the Eventory PyrApp users and their opinions about the app that resulted in the fact that we have been looking for alternatives for two years now.  It took a lot of hard work, but it did bear fruit! Last year, we introduced an all-new app: Pyrkon Roleplay. It allowed you to sign up for larps and RPG games as well as workshops. The feedback from the participants was amazing, and the app was rated very highly. It really lent us some serious wings!

We gathered all the information, had some internal meeting, where a diverse group of Pyrkon Organizers determined the most important aspects of the Festival’s mobile app. And so, like bread crumbs on the trail, we gathered the requirements and those then evolved into what has been our secret until now – the PyrApp v. 3.0 BETA!


With the Pyrkon Roleplay app, there are actually four. As I mentioned at the beginning, that’s no coincidence, but rather a planned action. We really hope you can support us by providing your opinion and point us in the direction in which the development of Pyrkon’s mobile applications should go.

So far, nearly 75% of respondents said that the PyrApp should not only have the right functions, but the name itself. We took it to heart and launched two separate apps, our own third generation PyrApp, and the PyrKonwencik app, created as so caled “fork” of the Konwencik app, adjusted to our needs. Most of the participants also said that the program and easy access to maps are the two most important functions. Next on the list was the creation of personalized program event lists. These are the functions we have a blitz on and offer in both ‘our’ apps.

Why add Eventory to the mix then, you ask? It’s just a very good, well-developed conference app, which is growing fast and which we could adjust to the Convention’s needs in an attractive way. It can also serve as a model for you when assessing the new apps. And, as I have mentioned already, the latter is of extreme importance to us.


If you’ve ever used any of our apps, know that you are helping make Pyrkon go mobile. Be sure to boast about it on your social media, adding the hashtag #pyrkongoingmobile next to the usual #pyrkon and #fantasticmeetingspot #fantastycznemiejscespotkań.

You can find more information on the mobile apps at

Krzysiek Shirou Borowiak
Organizator ds. Aplikacji Mobilnych