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Strona główna » FAQ Participants

FAQ Participants


  • What time can I enter Pyrkon grounds?
  • Which entrance can I take to enter the Pyrkon ground with a participant’s ID?
  • Where can I purchase a ticket before Pyrkon?
  • How much is a pre-sale ticket?
  • What tickets are available in pre-sale?
  • Where can I exchange the pre-sale tickets for ID badges?
  • Do I have to exchange the pre-sale ticket for an ID badge?
  • When can I exchange my pre-sale ticket for an ID badge?
  • Can I exchange more than one ticket?
  • What are the advantages of getting tickets in a pre-sale?
  • Can I return my ticket?

Booking seats for lectures

Ticket sales at the gate



  • How can I get to Pyrkon?
  • When does Pyrkon take place?
  • Where does Pyrkon take place?



  • Can I enter Pyrkon grounds with sharp (real) weapons?
  • Can I enter Pyrkon grounds with a weapon replica?
  • Can I bring an ASG replica or a paintball marker to Pyrkon?
  • Can I enter the convention grounds with a baseball bat?