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Family Pyrkon

Want to visit Pyrkon with your kids?

You’ve never been to Pyrkon with kids and you don’t know if your kids, or you as a parent will find attractions tailored to your needs there? Or maybe it’s the other way around! Your kids want to visit this  this fantastic neck of the woods on their own, but you aren’t sure how to prepare them for it?

You’ve come to the right place – on this subpage you will learn everything you need to help you organize your and your charges’ visit at our Convention!

Rodzinny Pyrkon, Pyrkon 2016, cosplay księżniczka Leia

The number one rule

Every participant under the age of eighteen must carry written permission from a parent or legal guardian with them at all times during Pyrkon!


How to Pyrkon?

In addition, we are giving you our short guide with the most crucial information about Pyrkon in the form of a pdf charmingly entitled How to Pyrkon!

Why should your kid visit Pyrkon?

Our convention is aimed at different age groups, and each of them will find their own entertaining way to spend time at Pyrkon. Above all, it is the perfect opportunity to meet more people with similar interests, find new hobbies, or simply to have fun!

The trip to the Convention is also an opportunity to learn self-reliance, time and budget management. In addition, Pyrkon provides an opportunity to see what volunteering is and how the voluntary commitment of hundreds of people can create something special first-hand.

Children’s safety during the Convention

If you are coming to Pyrkon accompanied by your kids, here is some useful information on how to keep them safe at our event.

It is recommended that, for safety reasons, young people aged 13 and over stay at the convention grounds with a guardian or in a larger group of peers. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult (Parent or Guardian).

For more information about safety at Pyrkon, visit Safe Pyrkon.

Emergency contact wristbands

We are committed to ensuring that every child staying at the Convention grounds has their parent’s phone number on them. For this purpose, the parent will be able to receive a wristband on which to write the number, then put it on the child’s wrist.

Wristbands can be obtained at the following locations:

  • at the cash registers in the north lobby,
  • at pre-sale ticket exchange points in the east and west lobby,
  • In the Kids Zone (the PCC building , Level 0).

Lost children

If your child is separated from you while you are at Pyrkon, contact the organizers at the Convention Office in Hall 10. Our organizers will take care of you and make every effort to quickly locate the lost child.

If you haven’t yet arrived at the Convention Office, listen for announcements from the fair’s radio station and check your cell phone for missed calls. Perhaps your child has already been found and our organizers are trying to contact you.

Each of the volunteers at Pyrkon is specially trained to lead a child looking for their parents right to the Convention Office.

And if you met a lost child on the Convention grounds and want to help them locate their parents – turn to the nearest Information Point or directly to the Convention Office.

Tickets at a lower price!

Admission to our Convention grounds is free for children under the age of 6  – children who turn 6 on the day of entry to Pyrkon can also enter for free. On the other hand, for participants from 6 to 12 years of age inclusive, we have prepared special passes, giving them the opportunity to visit Pyrkon at half price. Details can be found here: Buy a ticket.

Because we care about the comfort of all fantasy fans, we have launched priority checkouts especially for families with children, people with disabilities and their caregivers, and pregnant women. This makes the distribution of tickets more efficient, and the little ones don’t have time to get bored or tired of standing in line.

We care for appropriate content

The program at our Convention is selected in such a way that everyone can benefit from it. All attractions aimed at people over the age of 18 are clearly marked, so families with children who visit us can easily control the selection of program events and can rest assured that their kids will not encounter content unsuitable for their age.

Kids Zone

Rodzinny Pyrkon, Pyrkon 2017, Blok Dziecięcy

The Kids Zone is a place for the youngest attendees of Pyrkon (up to 12 years old) and their Parents/Guardians. In two specially prepared rooms (the Hall of Creativity and the Corner of Creation), children will have the opportunity to participate in workshops, competitions, lectures and meetings with authors specially prepared for them. Every day different attractions will be waiting – experiments, demonstrations and unusual interactive exhibitions. In the Fantastic Lounge, children up to 4 years old and their Parents will find a specially prepared Chill Zone with the possibility of using deck chairs, playing with blocks, foam puzzles or playing games. Attractions and organization of time in the Kids Zone are provided by invited Guests and professional animators, while care is provided by trained Volunteers (Gophers) and the Zone Organizer.

Kids’ cosplay

Pyrkon and a visit to the Kids Zone is also a great opportunity to dress up as your favorite character. Does your little one love Elsa, Batman or Obi-Wan? We strongly encourage all children to put on costumes that day and become their beloved heroes for a while!

Registration and regulations

Children enter the Kids Zone after the Guardian/Parent fills out a specially prepared registration form. This is an extremely important procedure to ensure the safety of all children in our care. Computer stations for registration of Participants are available at the entrance to the Children’s Zone. If you would like to learn more about the rules that prevail in the Kids Section, you can read the following Kids Section Regulations.

Useful documents before and at the convention:

What parents are saying about Pyrkon

If you think your child is safe COVID-wise, then let them go or better still go with them to the convention! Go to Pyrkon with the assumption that you are looking for new board games, role-playing games, interesting series and books for yourself. Assume that you are looking for a new hobby and that you will meet new people in the conventions’ games room. In a few months, family evenings with a board game or playing online with people you met at Pyrkon may be an essential part of your life. Searching for activities and hobbies in the age of pandemics is like gathering winter supplies.

Kamila “Favi” Zalewska-Firus,

Pyrkon is an absolutely unique event. The event is extremely friendly, positive and completely devoid of elements of aggression. The reason why is simple – amazing people come here. Happy, smiling, positively crazy people. They come because they share a passion, a hobby. They want to spend those 3 days having fun surrounded by the vibes, worlds, or universes they love. Often when fans of two opposing soccer teams meet, a brawl ensues. At Pyrkon, when fans of different, opposing worlds meet, they start… dancing together, laughing, taking pictures together and fooling around, after which they high-five each other and go on having fun. And often they do so hand in hand.
I’ve been coming to Pyrkon with my kids for several years now, and it’s one of the highlights of the year. The children are growing and they are already spending more and more time here alone, with their friends – walking, watching, playing board games, reading comic books, just having a great time. So do I, because I know they are safe.

Maciej ZUCH Mazurek,