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Program Sections

Beginners Section

This place is not only for those who are just beginning their adventure with fantasy. You may know everything about literature, but you have no idea what LARPs and RPGs are! In the section for beginners you will find twenty minutes lectures and you will learn the basics that you will be able to develop in other sections during Pyrkon.

Tabletop Games Section

Are you an advanced player ? Do you sometimes like to sit down with your friends to a board game? Or maybe you know absolutely nothing about tabletop games, but feel it’s high time to change that? Whichever group you belong to, the Tabletop Games Section is the place you should visit. Here everyone can count on having loads of good fun with games of every type: cards, miniatures and board. If you are a seasoned player, we’re sure you’ll find a tourney to take part in or something interesting to lend out of our extensive games library. If your adventure with games is just beginning, our volunteers will gladly show you how to play them.

Video Games Section

VGS is an amazing section full of attractions created by the players for the players. Everyone will find not only the pure entertainment of gaming, but also the opportunity to get to know the industry of electronic games from both technical and artistic perspectives. Meetings with game developers or discussion panels are meant to show different faces of well-known titles. As each year we care for all players. It does not matter if you remember the colorful pixels of the 90s or if the games are source of Sunday relaxation, this place is for you!

Kids Section

This is the place for the youngest participants of Pyrkon (from 4 to 12 years). In two PyrNooks children will have the opportunity to participate in specially prepared workshops, competitions, lectures and meetings with authors. This will allow them to experience fantasy in numerous variations. On the other hand, children will be able to watch interesting shows in Fantastic Lounge. Everything will be supervised by experienced caregivers and animators.

Integration Block

Got no idea what to do with yourself? Visit the Integration Section, a place where you can meet new people or get to know others better. One thing you won’t find here is boredom.

Movies & TV Series Section

This is a section for fans of the most popular series and movie production. There will be discussions, meetings with the creators and projections. There will be something for both faithful fans of specific titles as well as those who are just beginning to delve into the subject of fantasy films.



Literature Section

The Literature Section offers a vast variety of program events: author’s meetings, discussion panels and lectures. This is a place of inspirational conversations of fans of fantasy with writers, editors and publishers. The rich list of guests and speakers will include both internationally famous authors and promising debutants. Among the stars that honored the section with their presence are Graham Masterton, Peter Watts, Miroslav Žamboch and Dmitry Glukhovsky. The Literature Section is not only the authors – it is also a place of fantastic and long-awaited premieres.

Science Section

If you always wanted to know how much truth lies in the science fiction, the Science Section is the right place for you. We will explore the secrets of fictional technology from outer space, the ethnology of alien planets, and the contemporary achievements of science.

Comic Books Section

We will look into every corner of the comics world. We will revive some old titles, look at both popular and forgotten comics. The Section is meant for beginners and those with some experience in the area. Definitely expect to see several guests connected to the world of comics.

Far East Fantasy Section

Here you can talk about your favorite titles, exchange views about the style of any mangaka, or listen to Japanese ghost stories. Lectures, presentations, workshops – and everything connected with the Land of Cherry Blossoms.

Contest Section

If you want to boast of your great knowledge, creativity, acting skills or improvisation, this place is just right for you. In addition to the satisfaction of getting the work well done, you can win PyrPounds, which you will exchange for prizes in our PyrShop.

Fantasium Suburbium

This unique hall is an area where all sorts of fantastic realities come together. If you want to know the worlds completely different from the one we live in, you have come to the right place. The Vikings will gladly welcome you at their table to talk about their battles and gains. Post-apocalyptic survivors will share what they have, and a handful of caps will make you trendy. Perhaps you will even come across the well-hidden Elves, which are hard to rejoice even when the conversation goes to Sauron. And if you still have not enough of attractions, look at Arena. Each year you will witness the struggles of warfare, training with weapons, dance schools or fantasy sports competitions.

Fantasium Creatium

Fantasium Creatium is a place where fantasy fuses with art. Here we present exhibitions displaying both known universes and original projects maintained in fantastic climates. If you are wondering what you can do with artistic skills and a head full of ideas, here you will find the answer to your question. At Fantasium Creatium artists from all over the country are presenting their amazing projects. Models of space ship made of paper, cardboard replica guns, gadgets from recycled materials – they are only limited by their imagination. One thing is certain, it is a place where you will feel the fantastic atmosphere of distant worlds and truly immerse yourself in the fantasy.

Role-Play Zone

pyrkon strefa fabularna rpg kości do gry

We invite you to the 24 hour Role-Play Zone. We provide entertainment for experienced and beginner LARP and RPG players who can benefit from the rich offer of games taking place during Pyrkon. We also offer numerous lectures and workshops about playing, designing and preparing for role-play games.

Fantastic Initiatives Zone

Are you new in the theme of conventions? Would you like to promote interest of fantasy in your hometown? Or maybe you are looking around for a group that deals with it, but you do not know where to start? In the Fantastic Initiatives Zone you can personally get to know people who make up conventions throughout Poland, organizing meetings about fantasy or going out for a movie together.

Blood brothers of Pyrkon

The important point on the map of the Pyrkon. Here you can become a superhero. By donating blood or signing up for bone marrow donors, you can save someone’s life.