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Strona główna » Program Sections

Program Sections

Beginners’ Section

blok dla początkujących pyrkon

Are you looking for a place where you’ll be sure to feel comfortable? The Beginners’ Section is a place for everyone! Both those of you who came across fantasy for the first time ever and fans of many years, who want to broaden their horizons. Short, twenty-minute-long lectures will introduce you to the colorful world of literature, games, comics, anime as well as LARP and RPGs. During those lectures, you will get to know basic concepts, find some new directions to go in and you will not have to be bothered by the fact that you do not know what your friends are talking about anymore.

Video Games Section

blok gier elektronicznych pyrkon

Do you need some space to release your inner gamers? The Video Games Section is surely going to be just the place for that! It is entirely devoted to gamers and video games, of course. You can go back in time and take a gander in the Retro Zone, where you can face others in a game of Mario Kart, or step into the future (and not even such a distant one) and try your hand at the VR world. Additionally, the Video Games Section is full of lectures and meet ups with people, who deal in gaming on a daily basis, which will give you the opportunity to get to know the gaming industry from the inside.

Tabletop Games Section

blok gier bez prądu pyrkon

In the age of digitalization, indirect communication and fast lifestyles, it’s good to sit at one table with people every once in a while. And what works best on the table, besides food? Board games, card games and war games, of course. Don’t know how to play? The volunteers will teach you. Don’t know what game to choose? They’ll recommend something from a rather extensive library. Don’t have a pal to play with? They’ll give you a balloon to indicate that you’re looking for someone to play with. Don’t have anything to do when Pyrkon’s main program events slow down? The zone is open 24/7. Of course, the section is intended not only for beginners, but also the old hands, who cut their teeth on multiple games. There are also tournaments organized.

Kids’ Section

blok dziecięcy pyrkon

Have you come to Pyrkon with kids and are looking for a place adapted to their needs in particular? The Kids’ Section is the answer! It’s a place for the youngest Pyrkon-goers out there, aged 4 to 12, where they will find lectures, contests and workshops curated especially for them. There is always something to do here!  Always something going on, thanks to our professional animators, who provide fantastic entertainment in two PyrCorners. What is more, the kids can come to the Fantastic Common Room/Care Center, where they will have the chance to play a variety of games and play with blocks with other children their age and show off their cosplays. Parents are also welcome!

Movies & TV Series Section

blok serialowo-filmowy pyrkon

Are you craving a good movie, fancy another episode of a TV Series to chase boredom away? The Movies and TV Series Section is a zone for every cinema lover out there, but also for newbies, looking for a great TV series to watch. Here, you can hear someone talk about both the huge Marvel or Doctor Who productions as well as about the smaller, often niche ones, that prove they constitute amazing entertainment. Waiting for you here are lectures and discussions (but watch out for spoilers flying low) and meetings with creators from all around the world. You can not only talk plots but also hear about a plethora of technical curiosities.

Science Section

blok naukowy pyrkon

Are you curious how much the inventions in the books or science-fiction movies differs from modern technology? Is time travel and teleportation possible? How much truth is there in alchemy recipes? These are questions the speakers in the Science Section ask themselves. And just like scientists do, they look for answers and are eager to share their discoveries with the participants. There are also a lot of lectures regarding conspiracy theories and a lot of breaking down of the nonsense shown in blockbusters.

Far East Fantasy Section

blok fantastyki dalekowschodniej pyrkon

Are you looking for a place where you can express yourself, show off your Asian soul? The East Fantasy Section is a place you will feel amazingly comfortable in! The lectures in this section will allow you to learn more about the culture of the Far East and its mythology as well as get to know historical curiosities. There will of course also be information on pop culture: from the Japanese manga, through Chinese dramas, all the way to your Korean idols. The creators have also prepared a ton of unusual attractions, because in addition to the usual lectures, you can expect workshops, during which you will learn what cosplay is and how to prepare it and fold a thousand of paper cranes. And on top of that you can watch dance shows or a marathon of your favorite anime here.

 Fantasium Suburbium

fantasium suburbium pyrkon

Wish you could talk to a Viking for a moment, see what a person’s life is like in a post-apocalyptic village or learn a few words in the language of the elves? At Fantasium Suburbium you are awaited by a whole lot of fantastic…  daily life activities!

It’s a special place, which will have you travel in time and space to a completely different reality. Available 24/7, it lures you in with magical villages from every corner of pop culture. Majestic elves smiling at you from one end, Vikings telling stories about their brave conquests right next to them, and at the other end of the room – survivors of the apocalypse introducing you to the secrets of survival. And in the middle of it all, there’s the Arena – a place exciting enough to always attract a crowd. Here, you can watch warriors fight, participate in one of those fights or dance the well-known Chapelloise dance.

Fantasium Creatium

fantasium creatium pyrkon

Can you merge art and fantasy through your talents? Or maybe you just love to admire works of art exuding the fantasy vibe? Fantasium Creatium will allow you to quench the thirst for experiencing art! In the end, each of us looks at life differently, everyone has their own imagination. What is more, each of us has a hidden talent. This exhibition shows what incredible and fantastic projects keep people awake at night. Techno-fantasy fashion? Paper creature miniatures? Or maybe amazing collections of gadgets from one very well-known and bankable universe? Those are only some of the things you will find in this portion of the Festival.

Fantasium Ludicrum

fantasum ludicrum pyrkon

Have you ever looked for a reflection of fantasy in theater, music or the cinema? If the answer is yes, then it is worth to sit down for a moment and surrender yourself to art. Awaiting you at the Fantasium Ludicrum are different stage attractions such as concerts, theatrical performances or musicals, which will delight you with not only the themes, the sound or the costumes but also the set decorations, and an outdoor cinema with fantastic movies. The only thing left to do is sit back in the chair and experience fantasy first hand.

Fantastic Initiatives Zone

strefa fantastycznych inicjatyw pyrkon

Would you like to know, whether there is something fantastic in your neighborhood? Come to the Fantastic Initiatives Zone and check for yourselves! The FIZ is a zone, where you will discover other fantastic events from all around Poland and get to know their organizers. See what events are worth going to or advertise your convention or festival and invite all  incomers, who visits your stall. The Fantastic Initiatives Zone is a great place to exchange experiences and making contacts, as you may meet clubs and associations from all over the country here, the mutual mission of which is promoting fantasy.

Meetup Section

blok integracyjny pyrkon

Everybody is lonely sometimes, are they not? At Pyrkon, however, such situations are almost impossible. Especially if you come across this section. With the help of animators, you will get to know new people, strengthen your relations with those you already know or maybe you will discover something amazing about yourselves.

Literary Section

blok literacki pyrkon

Are you wondering what fantasy would be without novels and short stories? It would still be amazing entertainment. However, the ideas and the conversations they strike are a perfect way to fight book-related hangover. There are questions nobody’s discussed before, are there not? Or maybe you want to know what the others’ view of a given question is? Do they see it the way you do? When you meet the authors, other fans of a given tile or the same genre, an hour long lecture seems impossible to finish in time. Here, with us, you will get to feel the power of books.

Comic Books Section

blok komiksowy pyrkon

You know art has many faces. Some of us like alexandrine rhymes, others prefer modern sculpture or street performance. However, those who dove deep into the subject of comics know that picture stories can also be real works of art. The stories shown through them can initiate discussions amongst the fans of this medium. In the Comic Books Section, you can share your observations with others or polish your abilities during drawing workshops. Who knows, maybe you will have your cult cameo one day as well?

Contest Section

blok konkursowy pyrkon

Do you like movies/books/TV series/anime (delete as appropriate)? Do you know a lot about them? Come to the Contest Section and face other all-rounders on a given subject. Win fantastic – no pun intended – prizes or fail when answering the question about what color shoelaces Harry Potter had. You will have great fun participating in the best tournaments and tests anyway, so much different than those you know from school.

Role-Play Zone

strefa fabularna pyrkon

Is it that you’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a dwarf? Or a Slavonic warrior, an evil sorcerer or the mother/father/uncle of the dragon grandma’s brother’s aunt? The Role-Play zone will allow you to experience all of it firsthand! It’s the perfect place for all the fans of widely-understood role-play. A place where the only limit is your imagination and a couple of ethical rules. A place where stories from legends, movies or books become your stories. Here, you will experience a real RPG session, figure out how LARPs are more than just dress-ups and learn what it means that good characters do not always equal good character traits. So grab your axe, load your quiver, sharpen your teeth, wear your coats and go into hyperdrive. We’re going to a land, where the barrier between worlds is really thin!

Pyrkon Blood Donor Club

krewni pyrkonu

Not all heroes wear capes. What is more, dark lords also have hearts. And most importantly, we all have that something within us, that can save someone’s life. Blood has always been a mystical symbol. Blood is life. Let’s not be afraid to donate it to those, who really need it. Between a lecture and a contest or some shopping, it is worth to come to the tent, donate blood, get some knickknacks in return, and do something fantastic for others.