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Strona główna / Become a Vendor!

Become a Vendor!

To become a vendor on Pyrkon Festival 2018, you must register on site, log in to the created account and fill in the application form (which is also available here)

The access to the application is available only to registered users! When filling out the form, you must provide your details and requested space for your stall. Meanwhile we would like to inform, that sending the form is not equivalent to receiving a space.

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Application schedule

Forms are being accepted in two rounds in accordance to the following schedule:

  • 15.11-13.12.2017- I turn of Submissions
  • 14-23.12.2017- Application consideration
  • 27.12.2017-7.01.2018- Information for vendors about made reservations, position on the standby list or denial.

After making the reservation you will be contacted by a vendor’s assistant, who would take care of further agreement arrangements. Those on standby list would be automatically moved to the second round of consideration. Organisers reserve the right to the earlier consideration of selected applications.

  • 8.01-28.02.2018- II turn of submissions
  • 1-7.02.2018- Application consideration
  • 8-21.03.2018- Information for vendors about made reservations, position on the standby list or denial.

Vendors, who are put on standby after the II application round have the chance to receive a reservation only after another vendor’s resignation. Organizers reserve the right to the earlier consideration of selected applications.

23.03.2018- Deadline for declaring stall construction

23.03.2018- Deadline for declaring needs for electricity

30.04.2018- Payment deadline

Vendor’s Assistant

During the term stated in the schedule you will be contacted by an organizer, who will also become your assistant – with that person you should resolve all the details regarding the size and placement of your stall, its price and all the additional concepts, you would like to enrich it and our Festival with.

Reserving the space

Depending on the selected type of stand, we provide two ways of reservation:

  • In the file attached to the application form, there is a map of the hall with designated sectors. From the selection box under the map you must choose in preferred order three sectors and the stall type (in a row, the corner etc.). Based on this information, Vendors Director is going to assign you your space. You will receive all the details for the reserved spot within two weeks after submission closure.
  • After submitting the application, you will be contacted by the Organizer (applies only for mini stalls, indie games zone and exhibitors from Video Games Section).

The reservation arranged with the Organizer is valid only for 30 days, if within this period no contract between Pyrkon and the vendor is signed, it expires.


With the assistant you can also negotiate the payment method- up to 30% of stall costs can be covered through barter. Choosing to do so, Vendors must provide, that the selected by Pyrkon barter is delivered to the Pyrkon HQ. in precisely labelled parcels prior to the assigned date.

Sending the agreement

After the finished negotiations you must print introduced by the assistant and accepted by both parties contract agreement and send it to the Organiser in two signed copies- we recommend selecting a registered letter with an acknowledgement of receipt. This way you will receive postal receipt for both sending the agreement and us collecting it. The Organizer will post one signed copy back to the address given in the application form.  We send all the contracts back on Thursdays, so you should get it no later than on following Wednesday, after we receive your signed copies. Simultaneously with posting the contract through mail, we send you an invoice deducted by the reservation fee paid prior, which you must pay within a specified term (usually 14 days). All payments must be made in a form of down payment before 21.04.2018, there is no way of payment during or after Pyrkon.

Passes and arrival to Pyrkon

Before the Festival we will send you your passes through post, so that you don’t have to wait in the line to the checkouts. As we receive the acknowledgement of the delivery, your tickets are marked in our system as collected. Based on those, you will be able to enter the premises of the Festival, therefore we request taking them with you. There is a possibility to drive in with a car – detailed description of how does it function will be provided on the website. Just before the Festival you will get from us a brochure containing all the most important information – hall opening hours, maps and contact numbers to the Vendors Service Point.