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Strona główna » Become a Vendor!

Become a Vendor!

To become a vendor at Pyrkon, you should submit your application to szymon.korbolewski(at)

You should include basic information:

  • Name of the company;
  • Person/people authorized to sign agreements;
  • Address;
  • VAT payer: Yes / No;
  • EU-VAT number (if applicable);
  • Who would be responsible for contact with Pyrkon? (name and surname);
  • E-mail address;
  • Phone number;
  • Stand description: stand type, equipment, advertisement – what from our offer are you interested in. Moreover, you can attach your logo, that will be placed at our website together with the list of all vendors. Please include the information, whether you are interested in barter exchange;
  • Website address: This address will be placed at our website together with the list of all vendors;
  • Description for our website: Describe your stand for Pyrkon attendees. This description will be placed at our website together with the list of all vendors.

Vendor assistant
With this person you will discuss all details regarding the size and location of your stand, its price, and any other ideas you might have for improving your stand and our Convention.

In order to make reservation, Vendor assistant will send you Vendor Hall map with sections marked. You should choose three sectors according to your preferences, and precise your desired stand type; front one, in line, or corner one. You can also pinpoint, which localisation interests you the most – we try to ensure you a stand the closest we can get to your preferences. Basing on the information sent, Vendors Coordinator appoints you your stand. Your Vendor assistant informs you about the stand reserved for you via email within a week from your application.
The assistant reservation The reservation is valid for 30 days, if during this period an agreement between Pyrkon and the Vendor will not be signed, the reservation gets cancelled.