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Strona główna » Vendors FAQ

Vendors FAQ

Everything you need to know to prepare your stand on Pyrkon.

The most important informations

  • Do I have to have a registered business to become a Vendor?
  • What is the price for a Vendor stall?
  • How to conclude an agreement for a stand?
  • What should I write as the transfer title?
  • What is the deadline for a stand application?
  • Do I need to apply to be a Vendor again?
  • What is the estimated number of this year’s Pyrkon participants?
  • Can I drive onto the PIF grounds to unload my car?
  • Can I leave my car on the PIF grounds?


  • What does ‘net price’ mean?
  • What are the payment methods?
  • What is the payment deadline?

Mini Zone


  • What are the exact table dimensions?
  • Will I have an access to electricity at my stand?
  • What does a built-up stand look like?
  • Can I put a hats rack/book-case/mannequin/anything at my stand?
  • May I bring my own floor (floor-covering, carpet, sand)?
  • May I put up a tent?
  • Where will be my stall placed?
  • Will somebody keep an eye on my stand at all times?
  • Could gofers help me put up my stand?


  • What forms of advertising I can use for free?
  • Can you post a news about my stand on your Facebook account?


  • Barter - information:
  • Sending packages to Pyrkon.