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Vendors FAQ

Everything you need to know to prepare your stand on Pyrkon.

The most important informations

You don’t need a registered business to become a Vendor. Although you need to remember that as a seller you are obligated to abide law regulations (especially tax and economic activity regulations).

When you are a person without registered business, we cannot settle your stall charges with barter.

The pricelist is available here.

After discussing all the details concerning the stand and advertising, you will receive an agreement in a pdf form via e-mail. You have to verify very carefully whether all personal and stand data are correct. Should you have any objections, please contact the Manager. If everything is in order, please print two copies of the agreement, sign it and send it to:

Pyrkon – Klub Fantastyki Druga Era
ul. Słowackiego 13/116
60-822 Poznań
(for your own safety, we recommend using registered mail with acknowledgement of the receipt.)

We will send you back one copy signed by the Manager via registered mail with the acknowledgement of the receipt. We send it in max. 10 days after we receive it, together with VAT invoice for you.
Within the time limit specified in the agreement, you will make a bank transfer to the Association’s bank account.

Transfer title: Pyrkon 2020 Vendor <the name of the stand /or if the name of the stand was not agreed/ name of your registered business / your last name (for people without registered business)>
e.g. Pyrkon 2020 Vendor Portal

Name of the recipient: Stowarzyszenie Klub Fantastyki Druga Era
Account number: 43 1050 1520 1000 0090 3081 0148

The application deadline has passed

Yes. If you applied to be a Vendor at one of the canceled editions, please fill out the form again. The submissions are already open, you can apply here:

Yes. We will inform you about details in May.

Yes you can. However, leave it in designated parking spaces only and follow the PIF employees’ instructions.


The net price is a price without VAT. For the full price you need to add 23% VAT.
So for the easy counting: stall’s net price*1,23 = gross price.

Vendor pays for their stand by bank transfer. There is a possibility to settle a part of charge through barter. The amount of barter is agreed with each Vendor individually, but the value cannot be higher than 30% of a whole stall price.

The payment must be settled within the time limit outlined, on an individual basis, in a Vendor’s agreement. More information will be available soon.

Mini Zone

No. To ensure diversity of assortment in the mini zone we will not agree to sell two stands by the same Vendor. If you would like to have a bigger stand, we encourage you to rent a standard stall.

There is one pass in the price of mini stand and two passes for mini premium. For each stand you can buy one additional pass.

The access to mini stands will be given on Friday May 18th at 9:00. Earlier the mini zone will not be open for Vendors.

For a mini stands you can add a chair, but you can’t have another table.

According to the agreement, the stands can be closed on Sunday at 16:00.

A jib is a two meter pole that is a piece of fair built up walls. They stand every 1,5 meter so they will be located between mini stands. At mini premium stands there will be jibs on each side and in the middle of the stall.

Yes. You ought to make sure, however, not to destroy the built up walls – cost of repair is covered by the Vendor.

Yes, but please agree that first with Vendor’s Assistant.


Our tables are 120 cm long and 45 cm wide.

No. If you want to have electric current at your stand you need to contact your Vendor’s Assistant. This service is delivered by PIF and valuated individually.

A built-up stand is a stand with 3 Octanorm-type walls – white, thin and rigid. Should a Vendor wish to remove one of the walls, they may do so (for instance to combine stands with a neighbor) but it bears no influence on the price of the stand. We encourage you to prepare sticker or other decorations to stuck onto the wall – this kind of service is offered by company that provides the walls. If you are interested in a built-up stand please contact your Vendor’s Assistant.

Yes, feel free to put up book-cases, mannequins and racks within the limits of your stand. You should make sure, however, that your equipment doesn’t extend beyond your stand space and that it doesn’t pose any safety threat (your equipment should be stable and stay off the passageways).

You may lay your own carpet or floor-covering at your stand. However, it is forbidden to bring powdery materials like sand – it causes a lot of mess in the hall.

Yes, but it must not exceed the stand space.

According to the stand type there are two ways of reserving a place:

  • There is a hall map with sectors in the file attached to application form. Please choose three sectors (in preferable order) and the preferred type (in line, corner, etc). That will help us admit you appropriate place for your stall. Your Vendor’s Assistant will send you the information about reserved place within two weeks after the turn.
  • After you submit an application you will be contacted by Manager (that refers to Mini Zone, Indie Zone and Video Games Zone).

Reservation agreed with Manager is made for 30 days If you don’t sign an agreement in this term, the reservation is gone.

After closing the exhibition hall to the Convention participants and leaving it by the Vendors, the hall will be closed by a committee and opened the next day. Your presence at the stand is required during the opening hours.

No, Pyrkon volunteers cannot help in putting up the stands. You need to do it on your own.


Vendors who have a stand can give out leaflets, place roll-ups, banners, posters, within its area. Outside of the stand it is allowed only after prior agreement with the Vendor’s Assistant (extra fee and only in places designated by the Organizer).

There is a possibility to post about a Vendor – but we reserve it for the biggest contractors – if you are interested, please contact your Vendor’s Assistant. We don’t post a simple information – the post needs to engage our fans and give something to the participants, like promotion, contest or discount. Detailed info about conditions and costs of that advertisement can be given by your Vendor’s Assistant.


The value and detailed list of barter is proposed by Pyrkon and with your approval added as an attachment to the agreement. We settle all the details before signing of the agreement and only after signing it is possible to send us the barter.

Barter (as well as all other packages sent to Pyrkon) must be labeled in according to pattern sent to you by the Organizer.

A package must contain a list of all merchandise sent in the package with their values. The same list has to be sent to the Organizer via email before sending the package. Barter needs to be sent in time agreed individually with your Vendor’s Assistant.

You can send both stands elements and merchandise. Details will be posted on website in April.


Opening hours for vendors:

15.06.2023 (Thursday) between 10:00 – 21:00. Only MAXI and standard vendors are allowed on Thursday. Minis are allowed on Friday;
16.06.2023 (Friday) 9:00 – 22:00;
17.06.2023 (Saturday) 9:00 – 22:00;
18.06.2023 (Sunday) 9:00 – 20:00.

Opening hours for participants:

16.06.2023 (Friday) 14:00 – 21:00 (entry closes at 20:30);
17.06.2023 (Saturday) 10:00 – 21:00 (entry closes at 20:30);
18.06.2023 (Sunday) 10:00 – 16:00.

Possible changes will be announced in our Regulations

Vendors from mini and mini premium stands can buy max. One additional pass(maximum number of passes for them is 2 and 3 accordingly).

Vendors from standard and maxi stands can buy more additional passes. Please consider that “Vendor” pass is designed only for people from your stand because it allows to enter the Vendors Hall in outside of opening hours for participants. In any case of reasonable suspicion about giving out the passes to people outside of a stand crew, the Vendor’s Assistant can limit the passes.

No, it is not allowed to prepare and sell food in the Vendors Hall.

You should report this as soon as possible to the Manager in order to cancel or change your reservation.

We can return you:

  • 50% of paid money, if you resign in February 2018
  • 20% of paid money, if you resign in March 2018

We cannot return you money if you resign after 31.03.2018.

You may sign a lending for use agreement with the Organizer for a license to use the Pyrkon logo. The cost depends on the range of use and usually is about few hundred złoty. All details of such an agreement are established on an individual basis.

Of course, organization of lectures does not influence our agreement*. We encourage all fantasy fans to submit their program events through form that will be available on in January. Please remember that your presence at the stand is required during the opening hours.

*A different situation is organization of program events in Kids Section or funding materials for workshops – that can be settled as barter.