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Buy Ticket

Welcome, weary wanderers! This is where your destination is! In just a moment, you will be faced with the opportunity to get a pass allowing you to enter the Fantastic Meeting Spot called Pyrkon. But before you get it, catch a handful of the most important information about Pyrkon 2023 tickets!

Special Packages

Holders of the Special Package will have the opportunity to register for up to four programme points, and registration itself will start earlier for them than for the standard entrance tickets. This year, too, the purchase of the Special Package also means a separate entrance to the Pyrkon grounds. There will also be fantastic gadgets included, which are quite a rarity! After all, the Special Package includes a dice and – drumroll please! – the one and only Pyrkon Monopoly! The uniqueness of the edition of this cult title comes not only from the limited number of copies, but also from the unique opportunity to buy your favourite Pyrkon locations. Don’t hesitate!

The Special Package provides:

  • a 3-day pass for Pyrkon 2023,
  • the unique Pyrkon Monopoly,
  • some dice,
  • separate entrance to the Pyrkon grounds,
  • as many as 4 tokens, t
  • he opportunity to pre-register for programme events.

NOTE! The number of Special Packages is limited! There will be 1950 of them going on sale, so don’t hesitate and buy your Package today.

And if you have already purchased a ticket as part of the Blind Birds threshold, you can easily upgrade to the Special Package by paying the price difference.

Special Package
Attention! The number of packages is limited to 1950! The package is available for sale while stocks last.

399 PLN

Attention! The number of packages is limited to 1950! The package is available for sale while stocks last.

169 PLN

Pyrkon Monopoly

3-day ticket (Pass)

Ticket price and number of tokens to register for lectures (What are tokens? Check the FAQ!) are dependent on when the ticket was purchased. Dice are also added to three-day tickets until stocks last.

For logistical reasons, we were forced to introduce a limit on tokenised tickets this year. Until 30 January 2023, you can buy 10,000 normal tickets with 2 tokens and 3,000 children’s tickets with 1 token.

If the tokenised tickets have not sold out by the end of January, the tokens will return in the next price threshold. If their quantity is exhausted, it will no longer be possible to purchase a ticket with them later on.

I threshold– 27.10.22 DO 30.01.2023

3-day ticket at the price of PLN 230 + 2 tokens Attention! The number of tickets with 2 tokens is limited to 10000!

230 PLN

3-DAY CHILDREN’S TICKET (for children aged 6 to 12)
I threshold– 27.10.22 DO 30.01.2023

3-day ticket at the price of PLN 115 + 1 tokens Attention! The number of tokenised children’s tickets is limited to 3,000!

115 PLN

Convention T-shirt

If you’ve ever been envious of Frodo’s epic mithril chainmail, now you can be sure it’s the famous hobbit who’s turning green with envy! We have prepared a one-of-a-kind T-shirt especially for you! This unique gadget is made of top-quality materials (100% cotton, 200g density), making it not only light as a feather, but also extremely durable! Not only that, but it’s also adorned with fantastic Pyrkon-related graphics that are sure to boost your stats and make you feel epic!

Only during pre-sale, the T-shirt is 10 PLN cheaper than at the Convention itself!

Convention T-shirt
Only during pre-sale – 10 PLN cheaper!

79 PLN

You can find the T-shirt size chart here

 Attention! The Pyrkon T-shirt is only available until the end of 20.04.2023 and can only be collected during the Convention. It is not possible to ship the T-shirt to you.


If you would like to stay overnight in a unique Pyrkon village during Pyrkon, we encourage you to try Pyrcamp!
Detailed information can be found on their website.