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Strona główna » Safe Pyrkon

Safe Pyrkon

Pyrkon Codex and Rules

Get acquainted with both Pyrkon Rules and Pyrkon Codex. They are created to make Pyrkon a safe place for every participant.

The Pyrkon Rules can be found here

Pyrkon Codex

The Codex is a set of information and rules to help you navigate through the biggest fantasy festival in Poland.

When there are tens of thousands people, some rules should be spoken about. Treat other fans with respect, the way you’d like they treat you and your hobby. Below you can find the rules on our event.


Your ID is proof that you are a full-fledged participant of Pyrkon so always wear it so others can see it in order to facilitate the cooperation with the staff. If you are a volunteer, exhibitor, or other contributor to Pyrkon, it is particularly important to you with markings on ID the staff can determine whether in fact you have access to the area closed for participants.


Pyrkon is a joint event of all fantasy enthusiasts. We are doing our best so everyone, regardless of the sphere of interests can find something for themselves and during the festival they will feel comfortable and not judged by others. The aim of the festival is to have fun – taunts and harassment of other fans are not accepted. Remember that everyone coming to Pyrkon to share their various passions.


We make sure that Pyrkon is friendly space for all participants and volunteers. Each participant of Pyrkon is obliged to treat others with respect. Physical or verbal harassment will not be tolerated. This behavior is a violation of the Rules of the event and will result in the removal such a participant from the Festival and reporting to the relevant security or law enforcement services.

If you have witnessed harassment (physical or verbal) or insult in any form, please report it immediately via telephone or in person at the Festival Office. The organizers will help resolve the worrying situation using all means possible, including protection inform MTP and the local police station, if necessary. We are pleased with the presence of each participant and we would like to ensure that everyone shares a sense of security and comfort.


Remember, that costumes are not an invitation to engage: do not touch, nor take pictures of cosplayers (or any others) without their consent.


Remember: it is absolutely forbidden to bring alcohol to Pyrkon. On the Festival there is a 24h open food court in pavilion 4 and tent on Mark’s Square – you can not only eat there but also buy and drink alcoholic beverages. It is the only place where you can consume alcohol. Drink responsibly – participants who will be drunk can be thrown out of the Festival.


In the Polish fandom of fantasy, the principle of addressing each other by first names have existed for years, regardless of age and the role assigned during convention or festival. So do not be surprised if a stranger will address you in this direct form. This is not a sign of disrespect, but a sense of belonging to one group. If you feel comfortable with this, we encourage you to cultivate this tradition: it is great to be a fan and that it makes you feel you are a part of a larger group.


ID badges and printed program insert

Entering the premises of Poznań International Fair you are becoming a participant of Pyrkon. At the gate you will receive your ID badge with a lanyard and printed program insert where you can find all the most important info about Pyrkon. There are among others phone numbers letting you report all sefety breaches. Please save them in your phone. Below you can find an instruction about when to use them.

For the whole time of being on Pyrkon you need to have your ID pass on your neck. Take care of it and don’t lose it!



Security Service

On the premises of the Festival you can meet members of Pyrkon’s Security Services – Security Guards, paramedics, and volunteers of the Peace Patrol. Their job is to keep the place safe for Pyrkon’s attendees. In case of breaking the Festival’s rules, Security Guards and the Peace Patrol’s members have the right to take your ID pass and get you out of Poznań International Fair premises.


Medical Points

On the Festival’s premises there are two medical points: in pavilion 3 and pavilion 7 (look at the map). You will recognize them by the distinct red sign. Both points are open 24h. If you need any medical aid, please go to one of them.


Safety – how to react?

If you witness any rule breaking behavior, especially a behavior that is a threat to safety of Pyrkon attendees – react!

First: look if there are any Security Guards or Peace Patrol members. The Peace Patrol can be recognized by their red shirts with reflective letters.

Second: if you can’t see any security service members, call the telephone number given in the frame on the top of this page.

You or other participant need medical aid?

First: are you near the medical point? If you can, go there or ask other participant to call the paramedics in medical point and get them to you or the person who need help.

Second: if the above is impossible, look for any member of Pyrkon security services or call the alarm number.


Mass event zone at Pyrkon

The Earth Hall is treated as a mass event zone through the time of every program event there. What does it mean? We need to very closely watch the limit of people in the Hall. And there cannot be any glass packaging or sharp object carried into the Hall.

For the whole time of being on level 2 of the pavilion 15 please act accordingly to the volunteers’ instructions.

If you couldn’t get into the Earth Hall for some program event, please go outside the building where the outdoor video screen is set – maybe there is a transmission from the Earth Hall.