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We would like to announce our first guest in the Movies & TV-Series Section this year (here comes the part where you can cheer and cry of happiness :D). It is Jon Bailey, professional voice actor. He has dubbed countless trailers, advertisements, video games, animations and other medias.

About Bailey

Bailey was brought up in a small county, close to Memphis, Mississippi.Even as a kid, he loved imitating voices of people from his favourite TV programs and animated characters. He was mainly inspired by Peter Cullen, who dubbed Optimus Prime in the Transformers movies and games series.

Before becoming the voice actor, he used to work various jobs in fast food restaurants, as a forklift operator, and repairing computers.

Most important roles

A breakthrough in his career happened with his role in the double Emmy nominated series „Honest Trailers”, parodying film trailers on the Screen Junkies channel. Thanks to the above he became known as the ‘Epic Voice Guy’, which enabled him focusing on the voicing profession and further career development.

Jon Bailey voiced many popular YouTube channels, including Screen Junkies, Smosh, Smosh Games, SourceFed, aweME, Break and Warp Zone. He also dubbed computer games like „Dishonored 2”, „Halo Wars 2”, „Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite” and „XCOM” series, as well as animations- as Optimus Prime in „Transformers: Combiner Wars” orother minor roles in „How It Should Have Ended”, „Animation Domination High-Def”, „Cartoon Hooligans”.

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O autorze

Magda Walczak

Filolog z przypadku, leń z natury. Jeśli nie musi, to piechotą nie chodzi, ale ujdzie w tłoku. Zdarza się, że coś jej chodzi po głowie, chociaż nigdy przed 9 rano. Za to jej miłość do seriali przechodzi ludzkie pojęcie. Lubi chadzać swoimi ścieżkami, mimo że radzą jej raczej pójść po rozum do głowy.