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Strona główna » Blog » Program » The Algorithms of War are taking over Pyrkon, as Michal Cholewa is coming to Poznań!

The Algorithms of War are taking over Pyrkon, as Michal Cholewa is coming to Poznań!

The Literature Section won’t give its fans a break and once again would like to announce another of its Guests! Michal Cholewa, well-known science-fiction writer will visit Pyrkon, to meet with you and talk about his works! You shouldn’t miss it!

Michał Cholewa, Pyrkon 2018, blok literacki, Algorytmy Wojny Raised as a fantasy fan

Mathematician by education (Silesian University graduate), computer technician by profession but fantasy fan by heart. He began his adventures in fantasy with The Hobbit and Fables for Robots, then 2001: A Space Odyssey (at first, he didn’t understand it at all, only to figure it out like 15 years later, probably not even completely) and some odd live-action/animated Lord of the Rings.


Author by heart

He began his activity as a writer in a Literary Section of the Silesian Fantasy Club, debuting in a factory anthology “Epidemie I Zarazy” (Epidemics and Plagues). In 2012 he published strong Sci-Fi position “Gambit”, first of “The Algorithms of War” series. Second part “Point of Cutting” came out in 2013, and a year later third part of the series saw the daylight – “Forta”, for which in 2015 he received the Janusz Zajdel Award and Silver Distinction of Jerzy Żuławski Literature Award. Fourth part in the series – “Inwit” received a nomination for Zajdel Award in 2016.

Currently Cholewa has on his record 4 novels, a collection of short stories and handful of stories scattered around various magazines and anthologies

According to some sources – he is the biggest fan of candies!

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Jako dziecko zagubiła się w fantasy jak Alicja w Krainie Czarów i niczym Obieżyświat postanowiła zwiedzić wszystkie fantastyczne krainy. Kolekcjonuje książki jak Flash mandaty za prędkość. Optymistyczna jak Kłapouchy, energiczna jak Garfield z nutą gramatyki Yody. Nienawidzi zimna jak Anakin piasku, a pająki kocha równie mocno co Ron Wesley. Żeby przeczytać i obejrzeć wszystko co jej się marzy, musiałaby żyć tak długo, jak Legolas. Z tego powodu od wielu lat bezskutecznie próbuje zostać elfem. foto: Makove Love