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Ben Kane to come to Pyrkon!

And there you were thinking the Literature Section already showed their hand. Nothing of the kind! We wish to inform all the bookworms out there that Ben Kane will be visiting this year’s Pyrkon! This is the author’s first visit to Poland.

Ben Kane and his books

Ben Kane is a best selling author, who has written a dozen or so phenomenal novels. He is the master of historical fiction and all his books are the result of his obsession with the history of ancient Rome. He is Irish, born in Kenya, however -together with his wife and two children – he lives in England. Kane’s many travels allowed him to get to know the ancient times he so vividly describes.

In Poland, the Znak publishing house published his trilogy of “The Chronicles of the Forgotten Legion” (it consists of “The Forgotten Legion”, “The Silver Eagle” and “The Road to Rome”.) However, fans will be glad that in April we shall have the premiere of the third volume of the “Hannibal” series, which takes place during the second Punic war.

People all over the world read his novels.

Ben Kane about his books

My books are created thanks to the magic of positive obsession with the history of ancient Rome. I followed Spartacus through Italy. I stood at the battlefield of the Battle of Cannae and imagine what the battle between Hannibal’s army and the Roman legions could have looked like. Enchanted, I spent hours gazing at the waves, crashing on the fortifications of Syracuse, which were besieged by the Romans for almost two years. I marched along the Hadrian’s Wall in the Roman legionary’s full armor (including the studded sandals). Immerse yourself in this amazing world! Maybe, like me, you will then understand why the history of Rome is so engaging and fascinating.


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Twierdzi, że nie śpi, bo sen jest świetnym substytutem kawy dla ludzi, którzy mają nadmiar wolnego czasu. Jest też zdania, że czekolada nie pyta - ona po prostu rozumie. Wieczna studentka z wrodzoną niechęcią do dorosłości, bo lubi się ze swoim wewnętrznym nerdem... tfu, dzieckiem. Z zapałem godnym lepszej sprawy przetwarza kawę na literki. Lubi rodzynki w serniczku i cynamon w jabłeczniku.