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Strona główna » Blog » Program » Adam Kwapiński joins tabletop game section

Adam Kwapiński joins tabletop game section

Adam Kwapinski is a professional designer of board games, he has been fascinated by this form of entertainment since an early age. For 5 years, he was managing a publishing house (Historical Games Factory), creating board games which aim was not only to ensure great fun among friends, but presenting various historical events to the players. He is currently a freelancer, working with various publishing houses.

Adam Kwapiński, pyrkon, pyrkon 2018, planszówki, blok gier bez prądu, kostka, czerwona kostka, twórcy gier ADAM KWAPIŃSKI IS THE AUTHOR OF SUCH GAMES AS LORDS OF HELLAS AND NEMESIS

Lords of Hellas and Nemesis are extremely complex games, created with attention both to detail and the plot. They delight with graphic design, idea for the game and beautiful figurines. They were published by the Awaken Realms publishing house in Wrocław thanks to successful fund collections via popular platform Kickstarter.

Apart from board games, Adam has been involved in Lublin fantasy environment for over 20 years and actively participates in the organization of local conventions. He also has been trying to develop his passion for Irish dance for many years.

Nemesis – zwiastun (teaser)

NEMESIS TEASER / You are suddenly awaken from hibernation. You slowly regain consciousness and control over your body, remembering you are on Nemesis spaceship, travelling to Earth from mining planet Dantis located in the planetary system of Trappist-1. Surprised and disturbed, you realize computer awoke you in the emergency mode right before the last hyperspace jump from home.

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