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Strona główna » Masquerade FAQ

Masquerade FAQ

Are you wondering what this whole Masquerade business is all about, want to take part in it or be in the audience and admire this wonderful show, but you’ve got some questions? Then you’re in the right place! Here you will find the answers to all the most frequently asked questions and detailed information about the Masquerade and cosplay at Pyrkon.


  • What is Masquerade?
  • What is cosplay?
  • What is a personal design?
  • Do the costumes submitted to the Masquerade have to be made by the competitors?
  • Does the competitor have to prove that they made the costume personally?
  • What are the categories and rewards (prizes) at the Masquerade?
  • Can minors take part in the Masquerade?
  • How can you see the Masquerade?
  • How can you contact Zula Costumes, the Masquerade coordinator?


  • What is the deadline for applying to take part in the Masquerade?
  • Will all the applicants be admitted to take part in the Masquerade?
  • How many performances will be admitted into the Masquerade?
  • Is it possible to present awarded costumes?
  • What should the submission contain?
  • Can I send in the music after the deadline?
  • I have sent a submission in, but it contains a mistake. How can I fix this?
  • What is considered a well-prepared background music?
  • What should the photos of the costume for the submission form look like?
  • Will I be informed that my submission form has been received?
  • When will I be informed, if my submission has been accepted?



  • What is the jury round?
  • How to prepare for the jury round?
  • Do groups enter the round together?
  • Who can enter the stage during the jury round?
  • What is the language of the jury round?
  • Who is in the Masquerade judge panel?


  • What is the size and form of the stage?
  • How long should be my presentation?
  • Is the stage rehearsal obligatory?
  • Does the scene have a smoke generator?
  • Does the scene have UV lights?
  • Does the scene have color spotlights?
  • Does the scene enable the effect of total blackout?
  • Can I use fire on the scene?
  • Can I use a video as part of my performance?
  • Is scenography being judged?
  • How many people can take part in the presentation?
  • Can I use extras during my solo presentation?
  • Why is model sometimes used for the costume presentation?
  • Is there anyone who could help me handle props and scenography to the scene?