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Strona główna » Masquerade FAQ

Masquerade FAQ

Are you wondering what this whole Masquerade business is all about, want to take part in it or be in the audience and admire this wonderful show, but you’ve got some questions? Then you’re in the right place! Here you will find the answers to all the most frequently asked questions and detailed information about the Masquerade and cosplay at Pyrkon.


  • What is The Masquerade?
  • What is cosplay?
  • Must the costumes submitted for the Masquerade be hand-made?
  • Is 3D printing allowed?
  • Does the participant have to prove that he made the costume himself?
  • What categories are the categories and prizes awarded during The Masquerade?
  • Can minors participate in The Masquerade?
  • How can you watch The Masquerade?
  • How to contact Zula Costumes, the Masquerade’s coordinator?


  • When is the application deadline for participating in the Masquerade?
  • What is the deadline by which the participants who applied shall receive information on who will have the possibility to participate in the Masquerade?
  • Will all the volunteers be accepted to participate in the Masquerade?
  • Can you present previously awarded costumes?
  • What should an application include?
  • Can you send the background music in after the deadline for applications?
  • I sent an application, but it has an error. How can I fix it?
  • What should a good background music look like?
  • What should a well-prepared stage lighting description look like?
  • What should the photographs of the costume for the application be like?
  • Will I receive a reception confirmation after filling in the application?
  • When will I receive the information whether my application was accepted?



  • What is a jury round?
  • How to prepare for the jury round?
  • Do groups enter the jury round together?
  • Who can come to the jury round with the participant?
  • What is the language the jury round is conducted in?
  • Who is in the Masquerade's jury?