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At Pyrkon we care for the comfort of all our guests. This is why we do everything in our power to prepare all the possible facilities for the disabled. We assure you we make every effort to utilize the possibilities we have as best we can.


  •   priority access to the ticket counters – persons with visible disabilities will be directed to the priority access ticket counters, where they will purchase the ticket without waiting in the queue, and the security will allow them to go through without passing through the turnstile gate. o Certificate of disability is not required;
  •   parking at the PIF grounds – you can park on the PIF grounds after showing a disabled person’s plaque and a Pyrkon ID badge, so please remember to purchase your pass first or pick up you ID for the ticket purchased online;
  •   the possibility to access each hall on a wheelchair;
  •   elevators in every hall;
  •   toilets for the disabled in halls 5, 6A, 8, 10, 15 and at the eastern entrance.

Detailed information will be available on maps on the website, where you would be able to familiarize yourselves with the location of entrances, elevators and accessible toilets. If you would like to find out all about the facilities for the disabled during Pyrkon, it is enough to visit any Information Point.

You can also come to the Convention with a guide dog. At the Convention Office, you will receive dog-dirt bags, and if you wish, the volunteers will provide a bowl of fresh water for your pet.


  •   There is a ticket counter with facilitated access provided for the disabled.
  •   A guardian or assistant of the disabled person, in accordance with the applicable law, must be of age. The exceptions in force at our convention are blood relatives, who should be at least 14 to act as an assistant to a disabled person.


  •   The disabled persons who want to utilize the possibility to enter the room as part of a priority queue for non-pre-accredited persons, are obliged to notify the room staff about this at least 10 minutes before the lecture starts. And the disabled person queues with the pre-accredited persons and enters the room right after them, before the queuing non-pre-accredited persons. In case the room is not one to register for, the disabled person should report to the room staff no later than 10 minutes before the program event starts.
  •   Persons in wheelchairs may take places within the communication routes, however the guardian must take a standard seating space near the disabled person or wait for them near the room.
  •   In case the room is completely full, there is no possibility to put more chairs for the disabled persons. In case of the program events that are register-only, to enter the room, the disabled persons are obliged to obtain a pre-accreditation for the program event in accordance with the general rules.

In case of disputable situations, the organizer responsible for a given zone (accreditation or room) is to decide. The organizer’s decisions are irrevocable and failure to respect it is considered a violation of the regulations and may result in being removed from the party.

This year, tickets for guardians of disabled persons will not be available. We were forced to make this difficult decision by unpleasant circumstances. In recent years, we have encountered such unpleasant behaviors as reselling passes for guardians to other participants or even extorting tickets for people who were not guardians. During last year’s edition, we attempted to regulate their distribution, however we still encounter a huge number of cases in which these tickets are used for purposes other than those intended. Therefore, we regret to inform you that during Pyrkon 2020 we are forced to completely abandon them.

This decision was made for the sake of each participant of Pyrkon. The frequent bending of the rules regarding the issuing of free admission tickets for guardians of people with disabilities has also led to extremely unfair situations for other participants of the Convention.

We encourage you to let us know that you will come visit us this week and let us know about your needs and suggestions regarding improvements we could implement. This way, we will be able to prepare even better. E-mail us at: niepelnosprawni(at)