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Strona główna » Accessibility at Pyrkon

Accessibility at Pyrkon

Facilities for the disabled

During Pyrkon we care about comfort of all our guests. Therefore, we do everything in our power to prepare all possible facilities for the disabled. We assure you that we do our best to fully use the resources we have.

Here is a list of what we are able to provide for your convenience

  • priority ticket desk – people with visible disabilities will be directed to the ticket desk with priority, where they can purchase a ticket without queuing, and security will allow them to pass next to the reels. Statements of disability are not required;
  • free admission for a guardian of a disabled person – received by one person, indicated by the disabled. Written credentials are not required;
  • car park in the Poznan International Fair (PIF) – parking in the PIF area will be granted after showing a badge for the disabled and a Pyrkon pass, so remember to first buy a ticket or receive a pass for a ticket bought via the Internet;
  • the possibility to reach each hall by wheelchair;
  • elevators in each hall;
  • toilets for the disabled in halls 5, 6A, 8, 10, 15 and in the Eastern Entrance.

Detailed information can be found on the maps posted on, where you can see the location of entrances, elevators and specially adapted toilets. But if you want to get an idea of the amenities for disabled during Pyrkon, just visit any Information Point.

Passes for Disabled person’s caretakers will be available both in the Northern (ticket offices) and Eastern (where you can exchange a presale ticket for the pass) Entrances.

A pass for the caretaker is given only together with the disabled person pass. That means in the Northern Entrance you can take the passes only when buying a ticket for the disabled. And in the Eastern Entrance you can take the passes only when exchanging the presale ticket bought by the disabled person.

Therefore, there is no possibility to get the caretaker’s pass in any other place.

You can also enter the Festival premises with a guide dog. The Festival Office will provide you with bags for dog droppings, and at your request volunteers will pour a bowl of fresh water for your pet.

Entering the lectures

  • People with disabilities can turn to the gofer who is in charge of directing participants for entering the lecture – then you will be allowed to get in without queuing.
  • In the case of the lecture halls with registered seats, the preference is given to persons registered who bought a ticket in the presale. When participants without reiteration start to be admitted, the principle as described above will be applicable.
  • Wheelchair users will be directed to the front of the room.

Important: We encourage you to tell us in advance that you will come this year and let us know about your needs and suggestions for improvements that we could make. In this way we will be able to prepare even better. Contact us via: