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Accessibility at Pyrkon

Facilities for the disabled

During Pyrkon we care about comfort of all our guests. Therefore, we do everything in our power to prepare all possible facilities for the disabled. We assure you that we do our best to fully use the resources we have.

Here is a list of what we are able to provide for your convenience

  • priority ticket desk – people with visible disabilities will be directed to the ticket desk with priority, where they can purchase a ticket without queuing, and security will allow them to pass next to the reels. Statements of disability are not required;
  • free admission for a guardian of a disabled person – received by one person, indicated by the disabled. Written credentials are not required;
  • car park in the Poznan International Fair (PIF) – parking in the PIF area will be granted after showing a badge for the disabled and a Pyrkon pass, so remember to first buy a ticket or receive a pass for a ticket bought via the Internet;
  • the possibility to reach each hall by wheelchair;
  • elevators in each hall;
  • toilets for the disabled in halls 5, 6A, 8, 10, 15 and in the Eastern Entrance.

Detailed information can be found on the maps posted on, where you can see the location of entrances, elevators and specially adapted toilets. But if you want to get an idea of the amenities for disabled during Pyrkon, just visit any Information Point.

You can also enter the Festival premises with a guide dog. The Festival Office will provide you with bags for dog droppings, and at your request volunteers will pour a bowl of fresh water for your pet.

Due to numerous questions from our participants as well as a number of instances of abuse, which (we must regretfully admit) did occur during the previous editions, we would like to provide you with the regulations below in order to clearly determine the rules regarding the functioning of disabled persons at Pyrkon Fan Convention.


  • An accessibility ticket counter is available for disabled persons.
  • The carer of a person with moderate or severe disability has the right to receive a free badge, to be picked up at the ticket counter in the presence of the person whom they will be looking after or assisting during the convention.
  • The condition under which the carer shall receive a free badge is that the person with a disability has a certificate from the poviat disability evaluation board confirming their moderate or significant disability. In the case of possessing a certificate issued by a different body, equivalent decisions shall apply. In the case of persons under 16 years of age, a disability certificate applies. In the case of foreign participants, a disabled person parking card is valid.
  • A person applying for a free badge as a carer is obliged to document their entitlement.
  • Documents regarding the health condition are only made available for inspection in order to confirm the entitlement to a discount. Pyrkon Fan Convention does not collect or process information concerning the participants’ health.
  • The carer or assistant of a disabled person, pursuant to the applicable law, must be over 18 years of age. An exception that applies at our convention is made for persons within the first degree of kinship, who as assistants of disabled persons must be over 14 years of age.
  • A disabled person may only have one carer attend the event with them for the entire duration of the Convention. The badge of the disabled person, who claimed the free badge for their carer may be marked in order to prevent a situation where another badge for a carer is claimed. The carer’s badge may be marked in a manner that prevents it from being illegally sold to third parties.


  • Disabled persons who wish to take advantage of the opportunity to enter a lecture room using a priority queue for people who have not bought a presale ticket are obliged to notify the staff handling the room about this at least 10 minutes before the lecture starts. The disabled person then queues with the people who bought presale tickets and enters the room right behind them, before the persons in the queue who have not bought presale tickets. In the case of a room for which it is not necessary to register prior to the event, the disabled person shall notify the staff handling the room about their wish to take that opportunity no less than 10 minutes before the program event starts.
  • Persons on wheelchairs may sit along the passageway, however the carer must take a standard seat near the disabled person or wait for them in the vicinity of the room.
  • In case all the seats in a room are taken, there is no possibility to provide more seats for the disabled. In the case of program events for registered participants only, in order to enter the room, the disabled persons wishing to participate in this program event are obliged to obtain a presale ticket and register in accordance with the generally applicable rules.

In the event of disputable situations, the manager responsible for a given zone (admissions/ticket office or room) is the deciding party. The manager’s decisions are irrevocable, and failure to respect them is considered to be a violation of the regulations and may result in being removed from the event.

Below are the legal definitions of disability applicable in the Polish legal system.

Certificates of the disability evaluation board
Severe degree of disability – is granted to a person with a physical or mental impairment, who is unable to work or only able to work in sheltered workshops, and requires permanent or long-term care and help of other people in order to fulfill social roles due to their inability to have unaided existence.
Moderate degree of disability –  is granted to a person with a physical or mental impairment, who is unable to work or only able to work in sheltered workshops or who requires temporary or partial help of other people to fulfill their social roles.
The Social Insurance Institution’s Ceritficates
Full incapacity for work and unaided existence (formerly known as: disability class I) – is granted to a person who lost the ability to perform any work to the extent causing the need for a permanent or long-term care and help of another person in meeting their basic life needs and whose condition does not provide for the possibility for the person to regain the ability to work after undergoing a retraining


Inability to exist independently established based on art. 13 para. 5 of the act dated December 17th 1998 on retirement and social security pensions from the Social Insurance Institution.

Complete incapacity for work (formerly known as: disability class II) – is granted to a person, who lost the ability to perform any work.


Important: We encourage you to tell us in advance that you will come this year and let us know about your needs and suggestions for improvements that we could make. In this way we will be able to prepare even better. Contact us via: