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Strona główna » The winners of recent editions of the Masquerade

The winners of recent editions of the Masquerade




Kurumi pyrkon maskarada 2019 grand prix
Magda “Kurumi Cos&Play” Orzechowska as Alexstrasza from the World of Warcraft franchise



Pyrkon 2018, Pyrkon 2017, cosplay, LOL, League of Legends, Program Camille
Anna “Nona” Nowicka as Program Camille, League of Legends, fot. Studio Zahora



Pyrkon 2017, Pyrkon 2018, cosplay, Diablo, Malthael
Agnieszka “AiDerathar” Telenga as Malthael, Diablo, fot. MLC Foto
  • Grand Prix – Agnieszka “AiDerathar” Telenga as Malthael, Diablo 3.
  • The best Cosplay – Igor “Stygian” Cieślak as warlock from World of Warcraft.
  • The best Own Project – Aleksandra Sokólska as  Morana.
  • The best group presentationLinaSakura i Toru in group Blind Justice as Alice Liddell from Alice Madness Returns.
  • The best solo presentation – Magpie of Ravenholdt as Lady Deadpool.
  • Honored:
    • Szymon PieSzy Piełudź from group 2Getha as Batman.
    • Ewa Zonik as Kerrigan in succubus skin from Heroes of the storm.
    • Atai in human female warrior armor from Draconic z Lineage 2.
    • Children Distinction Jagna (4 l.) as Elsa z Frozen.


Pyrkon 2018, Pyrkon 2017, Maskarada, cosplay, Garrus, Mass Effect
Michał Gwiazda from Crafts of Two as Garrus Vakarian, Mass Effect 3, fot. MLC Foto