Fan Convention 13-15.06.2025 Poznan
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Pyrkon is not only about interesting lectures, meetings with authors or panel discussions. During the convention you can also experience something that is 100% associated with the convention’s atmosphere, namely fantastic concerts. These musical events add to the unique nature of Pyrkon and provide an unforgettable experience. Get ready for a journey through sound and the worlds of fantasy – concerts at Pyrkon take place on the Outdoor Stage and in the Earth Hall! 

Concerts at Pyrkon

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Outdoor Stage – music in the open air

You will find the Outdoor Stage in Mark’s Square. It is open to all Pyrkon attendees. Concerts, musical attractions and performances will continue for most of the convention’s duration. Get carried away by the unique musical atmosphere and sounds reverberating around you! Great fun guaranteed!

List of concerts on the Outdoor Stage:

  • Nocny Kochanek

Earth Hall – music in grand style

The concerts at the Earth Hall are one of the highlights of Pyrkon. The spectacular performances will provide plenty of musical excitement – the Earth Hall is one of  the best large concert and opera halls in Poland and the list of those is not long at all. Attention – the number of seats is limited!

List of concerts at the Earth Hall:

  • Poznań City Orchestra – the SYMPHONY & PYRKON concert
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