Fan Convention 13-15.06.2025 Poznan
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Cosplay Zone

Cosplay and Pyrkon have always been what warm apple pie and ice cream is for each other – everyone knows they taste best together! Cosplayers turn the halls of the Poznań fair into a fairy-tale and wonderful world with their work, often lasting many months. It is thanks to them that you can fully immerse yourself in your favorite universes, meet a beloved character from a TV series, game or manga in person. To their delight, and to help more people find the courage to reach for costumes, a full-size Cosplay Zone was set up in Hall 8A!

Cosplay Contests

As many as two cosplay contests! The Masquerade with qualifiers for the European Extreme Cosplay Gathering Championships will be held on Saturday at the Earth Hall. Meanwhile, you’ll see the Custom Design Contest on Friday at the Cosplay Stage in the Cosplay Zone (Hall 8A). All cosplayers are welcome to apply!

Registration for cosplay contests, rules and regulations and a gallery of winners is here.

Attractions at Pyrkon 2024


We realize that contests can sometimes be quite a challenge, especially for novice cosplayers. That’s why – while we encourage everyone to participate in the Masquerade and the Custom Design contest! – daily open cosplay shows were created. Come to the Cosplay Stage in Hall 8A at the time specified in the program and walk the catwalk, receiving a well-deserved ovation! You do not have to sign up in advance. 


We fully understand that not every costume can have pockets deep enough to accommodate glue and a needle and thread, so this is where we come in – with a first aid station equipped with the necessary tools and materials. The hospital is free and open to all who wish to attend.


You will find cosplay workshops, as well as all other workshops, in the Workshop Zone in hall 7 on the mezzanine. Anyone who wants to learn the craft of cosplay will find something for themselves here! Under the guidance of our  speakers, you will learn the secrets of stage performance, sewing, EVA foam, latex, worbles, creating embelishments and props, makeup… and that’s just the beginning! Registration is required for the workshop.


This hot workshop is aimed at both photographers and cosplayers. We teach you how to pose, but also how to create amazing effects with open fire. This year’s workshop consists of two parts – learning how to photograph and pose outdoors and a photo editing workshop. Separate registration is required for both parts of the workshop. 


High-five, take a picture and get tips on how to make costumes even better! We have invited creators from Poland and abroad, who will be available every day in the Cosplay Zone. Autographs are free, but you can buy signed photos and posters of cosplayers on site. No sign-ups are required for autographs. The schedule for those will appear before Pyrkon.


Is creating a costume is too much for you, but you still want to try your hand at cosplay? All you need is a refundable deposit and an ID to borrow a costume from our Rental Shop for free and enjoy it for the whole day, or even the whole Pyrkon! No sign-ups are required to rent costumes. You will find the rental point and changing rooms at the Cosplay Zone in Hall 8A.


Studio Divbor offers free photo sessions. Looking for a souvenir from Pyrkon? Want a professional photo of your costume? Or maybe you met great people dressed as characters from the same series and you absolutely must have a photo together? Shrouded in smoke and enveloped in lights, you will be immortalized in a photo that will be downloadable online after Pyrkon from the Pyrkon fanpage. The Fotostudio is free of charge.

Invited Guests of the Cosplay Zone

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Guests at Pyrkon 2024

Quick help

  • Where to change?
    LOCKER ROOM FOR COSPLAYERS. You can find it in Hall 8A. There you will be able to change into your outfit, but not leave your luggage.
  • Where to fix an outfit?
    COSPITAL. You can find it in Hall 8A. Sewing machines, heat guns, hot glue guns, foams, worbles, and finally good old safety pins. Our team will help you quickly repair any defects, and if necessary, teach you how to avoid similar surprises in the future.
  • Where to win something?
    COSPLAY CONTESTS. Find out more about the Masquerade (Saturday, Earth Hall in the PCC building) and the Custom Design contest (Friday, Hall 8A)  on this subpage.