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Pyrkon Blood Donor Club

krewni pyrkonu

Our Mission:

The “Relatives of Pyrkon” initiative is a social initiative that spreads its wings to help and bring smiles not only by donating blood and registering as potential bone marrow donors, but also by engaging in charitable activities.

Participation Limitation:

Please note that participation in the “Relatives of Pyrkon” action is limited to Polish citizens only. If you are not a Polish citizen, you are not eligible to participate in this action.

History of the Action:

The first action took place in 2010, where one blood bus was present on the busiest day of the festival to collect blood donations. Since then, the “Relatives of Pyrkon” have been working tirelessly to increase the scope of their activities. In 2013, they began registering potential bone marrow donors in collaboration with the Bone Marrow Team and the Regional Blood Donation and Blood Treatment Center. In 2017, the “Relatives of Pyrkon” helped fulfill the dream of Weronika, a beneficiary of the Mam Marzenie foundation, by supporting an auction to raise funds for a prosthesis for Sonia Kwiecińska. They also visited children from an oncology hospital, handing out games and puzzles during Christmas. In 2018, volunteers from the action visited young patients at the Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Transplantology Clinic of the Second Department of Pediatrics at the Medical University of Poznań, providing them with board games, books, and puzzles. In 2019, the “Relatives of Pyrkon” celebrated their 10th anniversary by expanding their activities beyond the Pyrkon festival. We collaborated with organizers of other events related to fantasy and board games, as well as with Regional Blood Donation and Blood Treatment Centers, to organize blood drives at other conventions and festivals. In addition, they launched the first official edition of the “Krewni Pyrkonu” card deck. In 2023, the “Relatives of Pyrkon” appeared at seven additional festivals and launched the second official edition of the “Relatives of Pyrkon” card deck.