Fan Convention 13-15.06.2025 Poznan
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Workshop Zone

There comes a time for every hero and heroine where they meet their mentor. Young padawans were trained by Jedi knights, students of arcana gained proficiency in commanding magic under the tutelage of age-old archmages, and witcher candidates underwent their transformations and training with older companions of the trail as mentors. We know that there lurks a spirited teacher and a student fascinated by the world around them in each and every one of you. During Pyrkon Fan Convention, like every year, we will create a unique space where you can teach – and learn new things!

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The Workshop Zone is not a place – the Workshop Zone is you!

Workshops are a special form of attraction with you – the participants – at its very center!

Experienced presenters will share the secrets of their passions and create a space to learn in practice. Some activities will enable you to handcraft an accessory of some kind, others will allow you to try your hand at different art forms or learn which hobbies are your thing. You can expect a wide variety of activities: from sewing pouches and forging fibulae, to learning how to write stories, dabbling in calligraphy, dactylology, to taking lessons in dubbing, acting, dancing and larp combat. Workshops are not housed in one zone, on the contrary, they will be held throughout Pyrkon: in halls, lecture rooms and outdoors.

Workshop Zone FAQ

I want to attend one of the workshops, do I need to reserve a spot for myself?

  • It depends on the attraction you have chosen! A vast majority of those, however, have a limited number of spots. In order to be sure that you will be able to participate in a particular workshop, you must apply using a form. After sending your application, you will receive all the necessary information.

When will the workshop enrollment form open??

  • The workshop enrollment form will open in early June 2024.

Can I reserve a spot for more than one person?

  • No, you can reserve a spot exclusively for yourself.

Take a look at what we have learned in the past years:

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