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Artists and Collectors’ Alley

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Następny post

The exhibition in the Artists and Collectors takes the viewer on a fascinating journey through the deepest recesses of the human subconscious. Dreams, treated as metaphorical journeys into the most hidden regions of the psyche, are the focal point of this exhibition. Based on the concept of dreams according to Jung, who considered them as messages from the subconscious, offering insights into the richness of the human psyche and potential paths to self-discovery.

In an environment where dreams and fantasies flourish as intense visual experiences, often occurring behind closed eyes, the exhibition questions the very nature of reality. Through various forms of media, we encourage viewers to explore the fantastic from different perspectives and ask the question of what constitutes reality and what belongs to the metaphysical dimension of existence.

The exhibition delves into the realm of dreamlike art, where distortion, displacement and freedom of imagination reign supreme. Here the artists negate the laws of logic, presenting eclectic visions that transcend the boundaries of everyday existence.

Part of the exhibition consists of digital art. Presenting artists use virtual tools to explore new aesthetic frontiers that were previously inaccessible through traditional media. Through surrealism, glitch art and hyperrealistic simulations, they blur the boundaries of artistic expression.

The exhibition is supplemented with selected outfits created by students and graduates of the University of Arts in Poznań, from the Unique Clothing Studio. The works on display represent the essence of experimentalism, drawing inspiration from mythology, folklore and cultural traditions. Designers have created clothes that embody the essence of unearthly worlds. With exaggerated silhouettes, fanciful fabrics and symbolic narratives, the creations invite viewers on a journey into the depths of imagination, where individuality and identity are intertwined with the fantastic.

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This is what the Collections and Art Exhibition looked like at Pyrkon 2023