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Convention Zone – Integration

Look at today’s date. This year all of Pyrkon was conquered by energetic, laughing attendees… All of it? Oh no! The one and only zone, inhabited by relentless chill, peace and quiet, continues to resist exhaustion and makes life more pleasant for the legions of Pyrkon-goers stationed in the camps of Lectures, Workshops, Smiling Crowds and Nerd Cheers…

Convention Zone – Integration at Pyrkon

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Hall 3A – This year’s Chill and Integration Activities Zone

Have you assembled a team and set out on an adventure? Great! You’ve listened to dozens of lectures, completed another workshop, and accumulated plenty of experience points, but your energy levels are starting to drop? Fortunately, Pyrkon 2024 knows the importance of mana regeneration!

The entire Hall 3A is an open space, where you’ll find deck chairs and plenty of free space to have a seat, chill, regroup the team and head off to conquer the convention with even more vigor than before!

Games, music and great fun

As part of the Integration Activities Zone, we have prepared for you musical games that will make your energy levels rise in a flash. Dance on the Dance Dance Revolution mats, feel the rhythm playing Just Dance, show off your vocal skills at karaoke in Ultrastar, and delve into the world of Japanese music games from Ekika Dźwięcznego Woksela. Click arrows, squares and other markers to the beat of the music on full-size arcade games!

Music will not be the only thing to reign supreme at the Integration Activities Zone. We also prepared a k-pop zone, where the finalists of the K-pop Cover Dance Festival 2024 competition will be conducting workshops in which everyone can participate!

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This is how much fun we had in the past years