Fan Convention 13-15.06.2025 Poznan
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LEGO Fans Zone

The name “LEGO” has been synonymous with creative inventiveness for 70 years. The Danish company has created a magical space at the intersection of many worlds, where heroes such as Batman, Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker, and most importantly, the Cat® D11 bulldozer, have met, immortalized in plastic.

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Where plastic meets imagination – what do we have for you in 2024?

The LEGO Fan Zone will feature demonstrations of both own creations and original builds as well as iconic sets. There will also be initiatives aimed at connoisseurs – meetings with interesting guests who are sure to inspire you to unleash unliimited creation.

We are inviting you to meet us at the amazing crossroads of the world of small plastic bricks that make great stories – see you at Pyrkon!

Show off your own collection!

The Lego Fan Zone will feature well-known and loved builders, big and small collectors, Lego celebrities, but most importantly, you will be there! You can come look at the exhibits and talk to the zone’s creators, but you can also co-create it!

Let’s go build will present its exhibition during Pyrkon 2024

LEt’s GO Build crew will once again appear at Pyrkon. Compared to the previous edition, their booth will double in size. The exhibition will include sets from the Harry Potter universe, the exotic Ninjago City, the somewhat dusty Apocalypseburg and many other structures. Visitors will also have the opportunity to play a game of one of the iconic LEGO board games, as well as take part in themed contests. What’s more, the group will turn part of the zone into a modular estate for 2,000 LEGO minifigures. There will also be an opportunity to get an autograph and photo with your favorite brick celebrity at LEt’s GO Build booth. This year, LEt’s GO build became the official block partner of Pyrkon! We thank the members of this initiative and encourage you, Pyrkon-goers, to join the LEt’s GO Build group on Facebook. We also invite you to follow LEt’s GO build’s social media!

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Monkey Palace at Pyrkon – play the review version of the new LEGO game!

During this year’s Pyrkon, the LEGO Fan Zone will feature several booths with classic LEGO board games. Among the games there will also be a brand new production, which is not yet available in stores. The tentacles of Pyrkon are reaching far and wide and can drag completely unexpected things to the convention – in this case, it is the review edition of Monkey Palace, whose Polish publisher is

How many monkeys and typewriters does it take to create all of Shakespeare’s works? We don’t know exactly. But it certainly only takes one monkey to erect a magnificent palace in the center of the jungle.

Monkey Palace is a not too demanding strategy game. The gameplay consists of both competitive and cooperative elements. The table can accommodate 2 to 4 players over the age of 10. As with other LEGO games – each game can be dramatically different, thanks to the creative use of bricks, the combination of which is a major aspect of gameplay.

You will have the opportunity to play Monkey Palace at the LEt’s GO build booth, in the LEGO Fan Zone.

LEGO Masters participants to visit our Zone

Pawel “Brodaty Geek” Duda, juror of the first edition of LEGO Masters Poland, a LEGO enthusiast, runs a YouTube channel full of reviews and vlogs, with materials prepared in his brick enclave – the attic. Joanna Krysztoforska, known as Ciocia od klocków, participant of LEGO Masters Poland, promoter of workshops using LEGO bricks. She runs the largest Polish LEGO profile on TikTok and YouTube, reaching an audience of one million. Rafał Zub, LEGO Masters winner and architect, runs the BRICKS by Raf channel, sharing his creativity in more than 120 videos. Piotr “Gore” Rybak, a participant in the second edition of the LEGO Masters, creates projects such as the Forest of Bones, leads the “Klockorożec” initiative and shares his passion at conventions. Patryk Ziętara, a LEGO Masters finalist, runs the “Klockowizja” channel and co-organizes “KLOCKON,” while also running his own LEGO parts store. Stanisław Kielczewski and Wojciech Bodziany, semifinalists in the fourth edition of LEGO Masters, have been involved in the Polish LEGO fandom for 13 years.

Vintage LEGO sets will make the LEGO Fan Zone resonate with nostalgia

When asked where they got the idea to create a collection of discontinued, long-lost sets, they answer:
“We created such an exhibition because, as the 80s generation, we could only see LEGO bricks through the PEWEX windows. Each of us dreamed of owning the largest sets, which our parents most often could not afford. Who among us has not stared for hours at store displays or looked at the same catalog for the umpteenth time, imagining which sets they would like to have… Our group decided to make this dream come true and gather in one place all the brick sets of our dreams. We managed to get almost every set that appeared in the catalogs of the time, not only in Poland, but also in America. Now, we want to share our passion with all those who grew up in the wonderful 1990s. We want everyone to be able to see up close the most beautiful sets LEGO has ever produced, and so different, from modern productions.

Brick worlds like you’ve never seen before

Are you, like us, looking forward to the fantastic MOCs (My Own Creation) created by LEGO fans from all over the country? If so, you must visit the exhibition by LUGPol – Lego Users Group Poland – the first Polish club of LEGO enthusiasts, which originated from a discussion forum.

Sizable dioramas, models of fantastic creatures and thousands of bricks connected in unconventional ways are waiting for you there.

LEGO mosaics that will transport you to the Renaissance

In the LEGO Fan Zone, no one will be surprised by the presence of buildings, vehicles and dioramas made of bricks. But did you expect to see paintings there? Artur Godlewski will appear at Pyrkon with his handmade LEGO mosaics.

Artur is known on the Internet as FiranBricks. His adventure with building and collecting LEGO bricks “seriously” began in 2013. For a little over a year, he has been building mosaics, which he first decided to show on social media channels and later also live, including at Lego events. He has more than 20 works to his credit, and some of them will be on display at Pyrkon this year – including a 2.5m x 1.3m reproduction of Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam.”

A museum whose exhibits are made of LEGO – Historyland exhibition

Historyland, a museum created by three friends in Poznan that showcases historical dioramas built with LEGO bricks, will appear at the Pyrkon Fan Convention. It was built in Szczepankowo, where the LEGO store originally operated, and its first construction was the Cloth Hall in Krakow. More dioramas were soon added, such as the Jasna Gora Monastery, the Gdansk Shipyard and the Battle of Grunwald, for which more than 12,000 LEGO bricks were used.

One of the most spectacular structures is the 1:50 scale replica of the Biskupin site, which had to preserve the authentic angle of the roofs in order to obtain the patronage of the Archaeological Museum there. The first location of the exhibition was Krakow, and it is now at the Poznan International Fair. At Pyrkon, Historyland will present the mobile part of its exhibit and organize games for children in the LEGO Fan Zone.

MegaSpaceFighter will show you how to build an animation using LEGO bricks

MegaSpaceFighter, a stop-motion and CG animation studio based in Warsaw’s Zoliborz district, was established in 2021, but its origins go back 13 years. The studio works with the LEGO Group and brands such as Disney, LucasFilm and Tremolo Productions to create high-tech film productions. With state-of-the-art hardware and software, the MegaSpaceFighter team specializes in stop-motion animation, 3D and digital special effects. They are currently working on a film telling the story of Pharrell Williams, which is scheduled for release on November 11, 2024. At Pyrkon, representatives of the studio, Kamil, Filip and Justyna, will conduct workshops on stop-motion animation and give thematic talks.

Piotr “Gore” Rybak will visit Pyrkon, along with his Klockorożec

During the intense Pyrkon weekend, take a break and visit the LEGO Fan Zone, where Piotr “Gore” Rybak and his Klockorożec project encourage creative play. Piotr, is known for his participation in LEGO MASTERS POLAND and as an influencer – “Bricks Of Gore”. In the space he has prepared, it will be possible not only to relax, but also to take part in contests and challenges, with a chance to win LEGO sets. This is a perfect opportunity to relax and develop creativity during the convention.

LEGO photographers will showcase their galleries

LEGO bricks and toy photography – try to point out a more matched pair!

This year, Pyrkon will be visited by several photographers whose work seeks to capture fleeting moments in the vibrant world of minifigures and bricks.
Tomek “Tomek Skog” Lasek, Patryk “lord.of.the.bricks” Bejnarowicz and Sandra Recka will present their photographs in the Bricks Fans Zone and share the secrets of their work with the visitors. Along with Patryk, his collection of minifigures and models from the Middle-earth will also be coming to Pyrkon. There are also a few surprises waiting for you – be sure to visit our zone to see what else we have prepared for you.

PYRKON: Strefa Fanów Klocków LEGO®

Nazwa “LEGO” już od 70-ciu lat stanowi synonim twórczej kreatywności. Duńska firma stworzyła magiczną przestrzeń na granicy wielu światów, gdzie spotkali się uwiecznieni w plastiku tacy bohaterowie jak Batman, Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker i, co najistotniejsze, buldożer Cat® D11.

Take a look at the structures that were there in 2023!

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