Fan Convention 14.06.2024 Poznan
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RPG Zone/RPGaming

“The only thing that limits you is your imagination!” – there is no place at the entire Pyrkon where this motto could resonate more than in the RPG Zone. RPGs have for years allowed successive generations of gamers to break form, carry out daring plans and escape, if only for a moment, to a world known from books, comic books and video games. Whether you’re just waiting for your first adventure, have already lived dozens or hundreds of lives in various universes or are just passing through – the RPG Zone is waiting for you!

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RPG Crossroads – a place where all paths cross

Where will your adventure lead you today?

How about becoming space travelers, battling alien flora and fauna? Or will you face hordes of monsters lurking in the darkness of ancient ruins, armed with magic and swords?

Do you feel like unraveling a detective mystery in a steampunk city shrouded in fog and smoke, or taking part in court intrigues taking place within the walls of an ancestral fortress on the capital planet of a small interstellar state, far on the outskirts of the space inhabited by humans?

From horror fans to magic pony lovers, everyone can find something to make their sessions even more engaging and fun at the RPG Zone.

At the boundary of worlds – What awaits us during Pyrkon 2024?

Just as the games of imagination have no limits, the attractions of the RPG Zone will be varied and grand. We want everyone to find something to their liking, whether they are elves, dwarves, aliens or whether chance brought them to us.

Fantastic place… for an RPG session!

The RPGaming, located in pavilion 8, remains, as is tradition, the heart of our zone. There will be Game Masters on duty waiting for you with over 100 tables to be sat at – armed with their imagination and creativity, ready lead their players through thrilling adventures for participants and open portals to other worlds. Some of the tables will also remain at the disposal of parties that already have a game master in their ranks. For those who love longer sessions or fancy a nighttime game, RPGaming will remain open around the clock.

If you are interested in participating in an RPG session at Pyrkon, be sure to take a look

RPGaming Rules

Our presence will not be limited to the RPGaming and the lecture halls, located on the mezzanine in hall 7 – you will also find RPG-related attractions and Game Masters in other Pyrkon zones.

Roll for arcane knowledge!

At the RPG Zone itself, you will have the opportunity to meet our invited guests, ready to share their knowledge and experience and willing to reveal a little about the role-playing game industry.

Many other activities await you, including opportunities to learn how to run a session or realistically play your character.

Plan your stay at the RPG Zone well – we assure you that you will not have a moment to rest!

Become part of the RPG Zone – become a Game Master on Duty

To all you modern scalds! Bards of the new millennium!

Fairy-tale writers, world-builders and scribes! We need your help!

As every year, we wish to invite you to contribute to RPGaming as Game Masters on Duty.
You can find all the information about the recruitment at >this link<.

For the uninitiated – what are Role-Playing Games?

Enjoying enduring popularity for decades, RPGs allow participants to take on characters they have created and, through narration, act out their actions.

The role of narrator is taken over by the Game, or Dungeon Master, who describes the world around them to the rest of the participants and decides on the course of the adventure. The framework of gameplay is specified by the system – a set of information about the universe in which the events take place and a description of the mechanisms that allow to resolve the outcome of the players’ actions, the success of which is based on the competence and qualities of the characters they play.

Different systems emphasize different aspects of gameplay: for example – some may focus on combat and give players a wide range of skills related to effectively defeating opponents. Others, based on detective adventures, focus on interactions with side characters played by the Game Master and mechanics that allow playing people who come from specific backgrounds and have acquired useful knowledge and competencies over the course of their lives.

Combining skillfully guided narrative, player involvement and the rules introduced by the system, players can fully immerse themselves in the depicted world, in which they have complete freedom of choice, while at the same time their every decision will be burdened with consequences for the course of the story.

Take a look at the photos from previous editions!

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