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Board Games, Wargames and Card Games Zone

Do you know that feeling of ecstasy when you run to the table clutching a box with the game you managed to rent in your hands? Your friends are already waiting, laughing, discussing and devising a strategy. What will you play today? Perhaps you choose an economic game? Or maybe you want to clear some deep dungeons of some evil creatures? Legend has it that if you were a good fantasy enthusiast and only chose legitimate dialogue options in computer RPGs, you will find your dream game in the Board Games, Wargames and Card Games Zone!

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What can you expect from Pyrkon 2024?

Card games for novices and veterans alike

Love the smell of a newly opened booster packs? Or maybe someone close to you plays Magic: The Gathering and you want to find out what it is all about? For those who seek knowledge and for those who love a challenge – the card games segment will keep you entertained for the entire duration of the Pyrkon weekend. Our zone will feature the struggles of professionals as well as attractions for complete novices, including intros and demonstrations of the most popular card games and tournaments for amateurs. You will have the opportunity to feel the real atmosphere of friendly competition, even if you have just played your first game!

Lead a mad charge at the war game tables!

Our volunteers make sure that all the figurines you will be playing with are decently painted, the inch measures are certified by the Terran Weights and Measures Authority, and the dice are not counterfeit (or excessively righteous for that matter).

What are war games? As the name implies, the gameplay of most war games involves commanding your troops, represented by miniature models, on a battlefield symbolized by a mat. Players alternate moving their troops, issuing orders, firing their guns and ordering charges on enemy positions. Victory conditions can vary, but most often involve holding a strategic location, or reducing the enemy’s army to dust. Take the opportunity to discover the amazing world of war games – just approach one of the tables where demonstrations are held, and experienced teachers will without much difficulty teach you all the basic rules and play an “intro” with you.

Take advantage of the board game rental station!

Even the biggest casuals are familiar with this possibility: just walk up to the counter and pick a game that will keep you and your friends entertained for the next few hours. Or sit at a the table where the fun is just beginning! Just remember to greet your new rivals with dignity, and thank them for their company after the game is over!

The Golden Pyra – Model painting competition for amateurs and professionals

An event that almost every fan of figurine painting is waiting for – the Golden Pyra will once again provide Pyrkon visitors with amazing exhibits, but most importantly, it will allow artists to show off their works in front of an audience of thousands.

Heroes raising their swords to the sun, giant war machines or mages entwined with winds of power can, through intricate work and a touch of finesse, take on fantastic and vivid colors. Some paint their models to faithfully reproduce historical vehicles, others to bring a touch of originality to the tables of their war games -regardless of your motivations, Pyrkon is the perfect place for your work to earn admiration worthy of the effort put into it. poradnik, który opublikowaliśmy na naszym blogu.

Painting station – beat the grayness and take the figurine home!

If your legs are shaking from hours of exploring Pyrkon, and the space under your skull is filled with a kaleidoscope of sounds and impressions-you’ve come to the right place! Whether you are just a tourist in the world of figurine painting, or you have been through liters of paint water and have traces of primer on your fingers- the painting station is a great attraction for all of you who will not hesitate to pick up a brush!

What exactly awaits you at the painting station and where is it located?

The answer is simple-everything a beginning painter needs, completely free of charge. Both a brush, the figurines and modeling paints can be found on site. Take your friends with you and together let’s overcome the depressing grayness of plastic models by giving them some life! However, if you have your favorite brush with an inscription engraved that says “Don’t take me out without needing to, don’t hide me without washing me thoroughly” then, of course, you can take it with you!

You will find the painting station at the Board Games, Wargames and Card Games Zone.

Tournament registration

Clicking on one of the links below will take you to a page where you can register for the tournaments that will take place during Pyrkon 2024 in the Board Games, War Games, and Card Games Zone.

TCG tournaments organized by the Wilczek store

Main event – MTG tournament in the Big Pauper format

Sponsors of the zone

This is how we had fun in recent years:

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