Fan Convention 14.06.2024 Poznan
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fantasium suburbium pyrkon

Convention Zone – Reenactment Camps

This exceptional hall is a space where all sorts of fantastic realities come together to welcome all visitors with open arms… And draw them in.

Convention Zone – Reenactment Camps

Journey through the Camps in three afternoons

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Reenactment camps – two words, one place,  an abundance of emotions

Fantasium Suburbium wioski Pyrkon

If you want to discover worlds completely different from the one we live in, you’ve come to the right place. The Vikings will gladly welcome you to their table to tell you all about their battles and conquests. Post-apocalyptic survivors will share what little they’ve got, and a handful of caps will ensure prestige among them. You may even run into  Elves well hidden in the woods, with whom it’s hard not to rejoice, even when Sauron is brought up in conversation. Sailor Moon and her friends from other planets will show you magic you didn’t know existed, and the Putty Patrollers, ekhm, the Putties are something you simply have to see for yourself. Believe me – you will not regret it.

Reenactment camps regulations

Arena CFA

And if you’re still craving more attractions, turn your eyes to the Arena. Every year, it witnesses battles of warriors, weapon training sessions, dance schools, and sports-fantasy competitions. This year brings us yet another Jugger tournament and the return of Kombat Pro Wrestling to Pyrkon!

If you’re already fans, no further persuasion is needed. If not – just come to the Arena, and they will win you over. Emotions are more than guaranteed as amazing athletes battle not only each other but also gravity.

There will be title matches, team clashes, and high-risk maneuvers from the top rope. Be there – such an opportunity doesn’t come often!

Attractions Planned for Pyrkon 2024

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PYRKON: Strefa Wiosek Fantastycznych

Ta wyjątkowa hala jest przestrzenią, w której najróżniejsze fantastyczne realia spotykają się, by z otwartymi ramionami witać wszystkich odwiedzających… I wciągać ich do swojego wnętrza. Jeśli chcesz poznać światy zupełnie inne od tego, w którym żyjemy, dobrze trafiłeś. Wikingowie chętnie przyjmą Cię do swojego stołu, by opowiadać o swoich bitwach i zdobyczach.