Fan Convention 14.06.2024 Poznan
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Kids’ Zone

The Kids’ Zone is a place for the youngest Pyrkon attendees (up to 12 years of age), where children can spend time alone or in the company of their parents. At the entrance to the zone, registration of the little Participants is mandatory. When you register, you accept the Terms and Conditions available below – this procedure is to ensure the safety of all the kids in our care.

Strefa Dziecięca

The Rules and Regulations and the Kids’ Zone Little Participant Registration Form is available here.

Registration Form for a child to be admitted to the Kids’ Section of the PYRKON Fan Convention 2024


A visit to the Kids’ Zone is first and foremost an opportunity to participate in workshops, contests, lectures and meetings with authors specially prepared for little Pyrkon-goers. Some of the attractions available will also be experiments, interactive exhibitions and demonstrations. The area will also include a Fantastic Common Room, where children will have the opportunity to, among other things, play with blocks or play board games. The youngest ones (up to 4 years old) and their Guardians will find a specially prepared Toddler Zone here, with foam puzzles and recliners for their Guardians to get some rest. Everything will be looked after by experienced Volunteers (Gophers) and invited Activity Organizers.

Pyrkon and a visit to the zone is also a great opportunity to dress up as your favorite character. We encourage all children to put on costumes that day and become their beloved heroes for a while!


An integral part of the Zone are special guests invited by the Organizers, including: writers of children’s literature, illustrators of fairy tales, as well as independent artists.The Kids’ Zone also hosts icebreaker games and creative workshops developing not only children’s curiosity and imagination, but also dedicated to science and art! For several editions, “Young Speakers” have also been giving their talks, where it is the children who create the program for their peers. Young Speakers’ presentations should be submitted via the program submission form well in advance. We are happy to collaborate with cultural institutions, associations, study circles, fandom groups and individual creators who combine science, fun and fantasy (and more 🙂)

Additional information about, among other things, ticket prices, wristbands, and safety of the Participants (Kids) can be found at FAMILY PYRKON. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us using the CONTACT tab.

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