Fan Convention 13-15.06.2025 Poznan
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Literature Zone

blok literacki pyrkon

Literature Zone

If you are a lover of the written word, you buy books by the dozen, and every copy you buy makes you shiver with excitement, then the Literature Zone is the place on the Pyrkon map that you absolutely must visit!

If your free time is spent reading novels, your pocket money is converted into more books to add to your impressive library, and your biggest dream is to meet the author of your favorite story, the Literature Zone is a place for you. 

Only here will you learn where the writers get ideas for their stories, you will be able to ask them what will happen in the next volume of the series or ask the most important question in the world – when the volume is set to appear at all. However, the Literature Zone is not only about meetings with authors and autograph signings, but also about panel discussions and lectures given by both invited guests and Pyrkon attendees.

What does the Literature Zone have to offer? 

The lectures are proof that Pyrkon also includes program events prepared by our invited guests. If you take a look at the event’s program, you will see with your own eyes that in the halls of the Literature Zone there are lectures prepared for you not only by the invited authors, but also by other Pyrkon-goers – literature enthusiasts, willing to share with other attendees their inquisitiveness and often vast knowledge. 

Discussion panels are something not to be missed in the Pyrkon program! These are moderated discussions, during which you will find out what the invited writers think about a certain topic. So if you’re curious about how writers deal with criticism, whether there’s a theme they deliberately avoid in their novels, or what thoughts they have about coherent world-building, the panels will be a great opportunity for you to learn about different perspectives on the issue. It’s also a very good opportunity to ask your favorite writer questions that bother you (who doesn’t dream of asking about the release date of the next volume of a favorite series or finding out where its author got their inspiration from?). 

On the other hand, autograph signings are a great opportunity to get the autograph of your favorite author, and even (if they find the time) to exchange a few words with them or take a commemorative photo. So if you dream of getting your beloved book signed, you can take it with you! What’s more, autograph signings and photo sessions with our invited guests are completely free, so go ahead and line up! 


Who has visited Pyrkon so far?

From the published news and the magical “guests” tab, you will easily find out who will visit Pyrkon during the upcoming edition. But do you know who we have had the pleasure of hosting in the more than 20-year long history of the Pyrkon Fan Convention? Over the years, thousands of guests – from Poland and the world, both less and more widely known – have appeared in the Literature Zone. Each of them contributed something memorable to the history of the event and stayed in our memories for a long time. . 

There will never be a shortage of native authors and translators at the Pyrkon Fan Convention, of that you can be sure. Some of the guests invited so far include: Andrzej Sapkowski, Eugeniusz Dębski, Marek Oramus, Feliks W. Kres, Maja Lidia Kossakowska, Andrzej Pilipiuk, Jacek Dukaj, Jacek Komuda, Marcin Mortka, Romuald Pawlak, Jakub Ćwiek, Jarosław Grzędowicz, Łukasz Orbitowski, Marcin Przybyłek, Szczepan Twardoch, Ewa Białołęcka, Aneta Jadowska, Elżbieta Cherezińska, Paulina Hendel, Milena Wójtowicz, Robert M. Wegner, Agnieszka Hałas, Rafał Kosik, Michał Golkowski and many – seriously many – others! 

Foreign names also shine bright in the firmament of the Literature Zone : David Mark Weber, Siri Pettersen, Samantha Shannon, Graham Masterton, Miroslav Žamboch, Orson Scott Card, Patricia Briggs, Robin Hobb, Ben Kane, Victoria V.E. Schwab, Brandon Mull, Dmitry Glukhovsky, Amélie Wen Zhao, Brian McClellan, Rob Wilkins, Lada Luzina, Victoria Holmes and more!

If you are curious who will join the Literature Zone’s invited guests this year, be sure to check out the sub-page with published invied guests!