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Strona główna » Blog » Program » A character with a question mark over her head – Mila “Yuuki” Irek, the creator of the quests – will visit the Video Games Section

A character with a question mark over her head – Mila “Yuuki” Irek, the creator of the quests – will visit the Video Games Section

Mila “Yuuki” Irek has been working at MuHa Games since 2004, where she is a screenwriter and main quest designer. Thanks to her work, the game “Thea: The Awakening”, was created and published in 2015. Currently Mila with her studio are working on the continuation.

Mila "Yuuki" Irek, pyrkon, MuHa Games, blok gier elektronicznych, pyrkon, quest design Quests and thrilling, heroic stories – how Mila “Yuuki” Irek makes life more enjoyable for the heroes of magical lands and for the players who control them.

Formerly occupied with fantastic literature at British Brookes University, Mila “Yuuki” Irek can boast of her works in numerous fields of the entertainment industry, including cooperation with the Monty Cook publishing house, but during her lectures she will focus mainly on issues which might be helpful while working on computer games.

She will be talking about:

Using branching narrative technique for hybrid storytelling.

The presentation will discuss the many challenges of narrative design in a hybrid genre video game, especially focusing on the multiple player and genre expectations. When combining more than one type of game together, one must look for balance between them, as well as satisfy potentially conflicting needs. Thus, an rpg may require a more in-depth, personal approach to storytelling, survival games seek faster, darker tales while strategy games tend to focus more on global/political tales. The presentation will then focus on the branching narrative technique as a way to deal with those challenges and create varied and complex stories.

Writing for video games

What does it actually entail? What job does a writer have in game dev? The presentation will cover a range of topics, including creating the story world, the lore, scripting, dialogues, characters and creatures. The importance of keeping documentation, team work and the interdependency of all parts of game design. Finally, the cardinal rule for all budding game writers – letting go of ownership, as dynamic and often big changes in the game design will constantly impact your writing and require you to keep flexible and open to input from other departments.

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