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Pyrkon postponed until July 10th-12th 2020

Dear Pyrkon-goers, 

We mentioned in our last statement and we are going to say this once again – there is no more important thing for us than your health and safety. We also promissed you that no decision that is related to your well-being shall be made by us recklessly. For this reason, over the last few days we have been observing the situation and following its development, listened to official statements of the Polish authorities, read your opinions and analyzed all the facts we were presented with. 

In the interest of the safety of every person, who would come to Pyrkon, we made a decision to postpone the date of the Convention to later in the year. 

Pyrkon is postponed until July 10th-12th 2020

We wish to assure you that all the tickets purchased to date remain valid (what is more, due to the date, they will constitute a very special souvenir from Pyrkon 2020 ;)). 

We assure those of you who, due to the new date will not be able to participate in the Convention  – you will of course have the opportunity to return the tickets. We are in contact with Eventim and in the coming days we will present you with a procedure on how to apply for a refund.  

Our entire team organizing Pyrkon will have a lot of work to do right now, connected with postponing the event. We are in the process of contacting our guests, lecturers, vendors and volunteers – asking for their availability and further readiness to participate in Pyrkon. 

We will keep you in the loop with regards to any changes resulting from postponing the date and inform you as soon as possible. We will do anything in our capacity for the quality of the Convention not to suffer due to the entire operation. We know that, as always, we can count on your support – you are a marvelous community, and thanks to you we keep on finding the ever growing motivation to organize the event in us. 

For years, you have been creating Pyrkon the Fantastic Meeting Spot and we hope that this time you will show us that nothing can beat the Pyrkon spirit! 

And in those difficult moments, take care of your health and the health of your loved ones, listen to official communications from the government and keep up your hygiene, stay at home and don’t le the virus grind you down. 

Stay healthy and may the force be with you!

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