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Strona główna » Blog » Program » The painted man is striding on Pyrkon’s paths – Peter V. Brett comes to Pyrkon!

The painted man is striding on Pyrkon’s paths – Peter V. Brett comes to Pyrkon!

Great news for fans of the Literature Section! Peter V. Brett, the well-known American writer, is coming to Pyrkon!

Peter V. Brett, Malowany Człowiek, cykl demoniczny, Pyrkon Lightning-fast writing career

Peter V. Brett is the author of the extremely popular Demon Cycle which began in 2008 with the publication of The Painted Man (US title The Warded Man). This novel is seen by critics and fans as the most brilliant fantasy debut of the last several years. It has been translated into 25 languages, and the publishing rights have been bought by companies in North America, Great Britain, Germany, France, Greece, Japan, Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic and Spain. Negotiations are underway for China, Hungary, Serbia, Italy and Turkey. Books in the series have been sold in 2 million copies. The newest part will premiere on 9 May 2018.

Growing up on Tolkien and Marvel

The author stresses that the first important book he read, one not connected to school or containing any pictures, was The Hobbit. He also got some X-Men comics from his older brother. Brett believes that these two, seemingly unconnected, facts have shaped his adult life.


A restless spirit

He studied at the University at Buffalo. He got a bachelor’s degree in English literature, and studied art history for a while. He used to run a comic book shop. Later, he worked in medical publishing, where, as he now sees it, he wasted the ten best years of his life sitting in the office.

He wrote books which he never thought could support him. Luckily for the cycle’s fans, fate can be contrary.



Jako dziecko zagubiła się w fantasy jak Alicja w Krainie Czarów i niczym Obieżyświat postanowiła zwiedzić wszystkie fantastyczne krainy. Kolekcjonuje książki jak Flash mandaty za prędkość. Optymistyczna jak Kłapouchy, energiczna jak Garfield z nutą gramatyki Yody. Nienawidzi zimna jak Anakin piasku, a pająki kocha równie mocno co Ron Wesley. Żeby przeczytać i obejrzeć wszystko co jej się marzy, musiałaby żyć tak długo, jak Legolas. Z tego powodu od wielu lat bezskutecznie próbuje zostać elfem. foto: Makove Love