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Strona główna / Submit a program event

Submit a program event

Before declaring an event, please read the frequently asked questions section, this should help you with filling out the application form. You can find additional suggestions next to the blanks in the form.

What is a lecture? Why should I consider declaring one?

Lecture is a performance of one or few lecturers on a specific topic. If you would like to share any type of knowledge with your fellow attendees – you are in the right place!

How to declare a lecture?

Just scroll through the FAQ section. At the bottom you will find a link to the application form.

When is the deadline for declaring events?

The form will be available on the site until the 5th of March.

How long should be a lecture?

The usual length is 45-50 minutes, with hour-based timetable it gives us 10-15 mins to let in the attendees and prepare the auditorium. For Kids and Beginners Sections typical duration is 20 mins.

What should I include in the application?

You will find tips and suggestions after moving the cursor over the question mark next to each blank.

What should I prepare for my lecture?

You should have all the necessary materials with you – presentation, prints, dices

How many people can host one lecture?

We’d suggest 2 lecturers for a lecture-based attractions. We know from experience that these amount provides the lecture with an interesting and dynamic pace for attendees. The maximum is 4 hosts. Regarding bigger attractions, please write directly to the section organizer.

What will I obtain from hosting an attraction?

A full hour of attraction equals 50% discount from the pass price.

Do we all get the discount?

50% of discount is accredited to each attraction, needs to be distributed through lecturers.

Do discounts add up?

Yes, but not above 100%

What sort of discounts are expected for LARP hosts?

Those are credited individually.

My application has a mistake, I’d like to correct it. How do I do it?

If you need to do any amendments, please contact the counselor of specific section, which you declared your attraction to. You can find the contact to your counselor in a mail acknowledging your application.

I have to cancel my attraction. How do I do it?

Let us know as soon as possible! Write us on and we’d have to find a replacement from the standby list.

I filled in the form. What now?

We’ll need some time to proceed your application. You’ll receive first information in the middle of March. If your attraction gets qualified, you’ll also receive a mail with a task for which you’ll have 14 days.