Fan Convention 14.06.2024 Poznan

A joint action by Pyrkon and the “Kłębek” Foundation

Do you want to help animals during the difficult winter season? We have a way to do so arranged especially for you!

From today until December 24, 2022, which is Christmas Eve, a promotional campaign by Pyrkon and the “Kłębek” Foundation will be ongoing. During this period, every ticket to the convention purchased will equal 1 PLN donated to the foundation’s account. Let’s give the pets an extra fantastic Christmas!

If you are interested in helping pets even more, you can:

  • make in-kind donations to the foundation (send them in by mail or bring them by in person)
  • financially support the foundation

Fundacja Pomocy Zwierzętom Kłębek
57 1240 1747 1111 0010 5004 6888
Bank transfer name: Donation for statutory purposes

  • adopt a pet
  • virtually adopt a pet
  • volunteer at the cat shelter
  • donate 1% of your tax
  • become a temporary home for a pet

For more info visit How you can help

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Bartosz Kupajczyk

Człowiek Stacjonarny. CEO własnego łóżka. Gdybym miał powiedzieć, co cenię w życiu najbardziej, powiedziałbym, że spanie 16h na dobę.