Fan Convention 14.06.2024 Poznan
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The day has come! We proudly present to you the program of the upcoming Pyrkon Fan Convention!

If you follow our social media, you know very well that this year’s Pyrkon is really worth coming to – the list of invited guests is undeniably impressive, right? Now, however, we are proud to present the full program of the upcoming event! 

A plethora of different attractions! 

We must admit that it is with undisguised pride and great pleasure that we announce that the program for the upcoming Pyrkon is now available! So you can sit back and get acquainted with the vast array of activities we have prepared for you this year. From now on you can check where and when the program events of interest to you will take place, at what time to line up in the queue for an autograph or a photo with your favorite creator. 


Hey, here’s the part that should be written in small print and read in a flash in one breath! Be warned, however, that it is highly likely that you will feel regret that you do not have the ability to be in several places at once at least a few times. There is a risk bordering on certainty that you will be faced with stiff choices and will have to make difficult decisions. 

Important information! 

However, before you reach for your pieces of paper and pens to work out an itinerary around the attractions prepared for you, give us five more minutes of your time. This is because it so happens that this year Pyrkon’s program has undergone some cosmetic changes, which we want to tell you about: 

  • the full program of the event – this means that you will find both the program happening in the rooms, as well as a breakdown of all the permanent attractions, attractions organized at the booths and themed camps, as well as autograph duties and photo sessions, etc;
  • bilingualism – we put the program at your disposal in both Polish and English versions; 
  • additional graphic markings – we have marked the program events that require registration with special symbols, registration requiring tokens is marked with a separate sign (remember, only 50% of the room is reserved, the remaining seats are available as normal!), and the need to sign up for workshops was marked with a different one as well;
  • additional filtering options – from now on you can search for attractions by: program type, tags, zones, venue, date, time and speaker/guest;
  • user manual – on the event’s program page you will also find brief instructions on how to use the various program finder options. 

Well, now you know everything! Go and plan your fun at probably the most fantastic convention ever!

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