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Strona główna » My first Pyrkon

My first Pyrkon

If you’re looking for an overview of the most important informations about beginning your adventure with Pyrkon, then you’re in the right place!

The closest, twentyth, Pyrkon Fan Convention will take place from the 8th to the 10th of May 2020, on the premises of Poznan International Fair.

The Pyrkon Codex

We want everyone to feel well and to recall the convention with a smile on their face. In the Pyrkon Codex you’ll find everything you need to know about how to act towards others and how to behave during the festival.

The Beginners Section – the best place to start!

It’s the perfect place to begin your journey through the realm of fantasy. If you perhaps only recognize some names and want to find out which universes they belong to, or simply wish to learn some fantastical jargon you aren’t quite acquainted with. The short lectures will introduce you to the world of literature, comics, games, or film. The program of this section consists of short and periodic lectures, so you won’t miss anything even if you’re late.

Accommodation on the Festival grounds

During Pyrkon pavilions 3 and 3A will be used as Sleep Room, a place where every attendee could find a comfortable place for themselves and their sleeping bag. Extremely important is the mezzanine on pavilion 3, which is entirely reserved for Pyrkon volunteers only. Therefore, if you’re not one of the brave people running around in orange t-shirts, you can’t admire the views from the top. : )

Pavilions 3 and 3A will be open from 10AM on Friday, so everyone would have time to find a place for themselves before Pyrkon attractions start.

In each pavilion there will be two shower containers available for all Pyrkon attendees. Next to the mezzanine entrance stairs in pav. 3 there will be a shower container reserved exclusively for the volunteers. Additionally, outside pavilion 3A there will be a toilet container.

During your stay in Sleep Room there are several rules in effect:

  • You mustn’t bring in or consume alcohol and any illegal substances
  • You mustn’t put up any kind of tents, fortresses or any other types of constructions that would limit the visual field to the organizers
  • Night curfew
  • You mustn’t use electricity (as it endangers the whole pavilion)
  • Electricity ports will be provided in designated by the organisators area. This place will be next to the mezzanine entrance stairs in pavilion 3. It will be the only place where you’d be allowed to plug in for example to charge your phone. Also, there will be provided kettles with hot water.

Those rules concern the whole area of Sleep Room.

Full version of Rules and Regulations od Sleep Room on Pyrkon 2019 will be available in here.