Fan Convention 16.06.2023 Poznan
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Marta Falkowska, Maciej Kur and Piotr Bednarczyk – artists who create their works for children – are the guests of the Comic Books Section

We are please to inform you that the next Guests of Comic Book Section during Pyrkon 2018 will be authors known for their work on the comic stories dedicated for the youngest readers.

Marta Falkowska, Maciej Kur and Piotr Bednarczyk, marta falkowska, maciej kur, piotr bednarczyk, egmont, blok komiksowy, pyrkon, lil i put Marta Falkowska, Maciej Kur and Piotr Bednarczyk are artists who create their works for children.

This year’s Comic Book Section of Pyrkon will be visited by Marta Falkowska (known both from her own publications as well as the ones from the Janusz Christa Award competition organized by Egmont publishing house) and Maciej Kur together with Piotr Bednarczyk, who in 2016 joined the unique group of artists creating the continuation of the iconic and legendary of stories by Janusz Christa “Kajko and Kokosz”. These two talented artists created a comic book “Lil i Put”, presenting a story of the adventures of two friends belonging to the fantastic race of Malolud (Tinypeople), who wander in search for cheap meals and money, usually finding themselves in trouble. The land of Lil and Put is a pastiche of fantasy worlds typical of Tolkien or RPG games, full of centaurs, fairies, drowns, dwarves, trolls, dragons, mages and all kinds of mythological beings.

You will be able to meet the whole group on Friday, and Marta Falkowska, who published her short comic forms in, among others, magazine “Warchlaki”, “DarmoZin”, and for some time has been trying her strength as an editor, creating a fan magazine “Monstwór”, will also participate in additional meetings, of which we will inform you soon.